Monday, July 27, 2009

Carry On and Han's house

Last night was the Carry On happy night. It was unexpectedly successful coz at first only six comfirmed to come that night. But at last an amazing number of 20 turn up. It was madness. The only thing I was angry about Carry On is that this grill and steamboat restaurant is in a closed up, air-conditioned place. Why is it not open air la??? All the open airs one pulak sudah tutup. *Hmmph!*

But it was fun last night. We chatted over the steamboat and grill and welcomed a few newcomers with I must say a warm welcome. I think our youth fellowship is getting better and stronger one gathering at a time.

Oh there were no photos taken coz I was too busy fighting over bacons and helping shit ass Han to cook. Sial betul. But never mind his wife and I just became best friends last night. Hahahahahah~

But I found out about few things that were quite amusing last night. We were talking about each other's past and HAn was talking about my ugliness past *proof here*. Then he said something damn gross that I had no idea about. He said once he was sitting behind me (during my ugly period) during Sunday School and he said he saw kutus (fleas) crawling up and down my hair. OMG!!! That was super gross ok? I remember being really ugly but not that gross. Yuck!!! MAybe that wasn't me. DAmn geli ok...yer...

We ended the night and went home to shower. Then JAcy and I wore our pajamas and headed down to Han's place.

We watched She's The Man with Han and Yee and had a crazy laugh. I mean its damn funny ok? I watched like N times and almost could memorize the lines of every scene but its still damn funny. You guys should go watch it if you haven't its damn damn damn funny.

Came home and showered just few minutes ago. But my hair still smells of that oil smell. DAmn gross. Don't know when only can make it go away.

Anyways apart from all the happy stuff, here's one sad stuff that made me very moody recently. Sinren got an job offer in PJ recently. He had decided to take that offer. So we're doing the LDR. I'm not happy about it but the pay is very handsome. Sigh~~~~ I just gotta take it as it is.

I'm gonna organise a farewell for him. I mean he's not going far but we HAVE TO CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!!!!

K la... Wordy post today.


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