Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting my hair done


This is a cheating post. Coz its already backdated but I changed the date so it'll appear a day after I've done it. Hehe~

Anyways, here's the pictures of me getting my hair straighten so that I'll look all pretty for Han and Yee's wedding.

Before going to my hairstylist's house, I had to wash my own hair. Haha~ To save money ma...

A totally unrelated pic but I wanna show you this bangs hairclip that I got from Jusco. I saw it on 女人我最大 and its said to protect the shape your bangs so that it doesn't go weird after you pinning it to the side to wash your face or doing your makeup. The normal bobby pins often make my bangs go weird after pinning. Don't know why. So I decided to try this. Not bad la... Just that it's too big for my bangs. Cannot make smaller arh?
This was taken after Nika, my hairstylist applied the first cream on my hair. Nothing much to do after she applied the cream. Usually I would read magazines or watch tv in the living room. But today I could camwhore. HAahahhahahahaha~

Bird view of my head wth. Haha~ Seriously too bored d. Next time I'm getting my hair done. Someone better come along before I die of boredom.
Then I started reading this chinese mag about hair. And something interesting caught my eyes.

Apparently the latest hairstyle for men looks like this. Hahahahahahahaahha~ who would don this hairstyle you tell me? Which daring man would do this? Tell me. I would love to know you man. So courageous. Hahahahahahahahahhaaha~
In another mag I saw this!!!! DAmn cute!!!! I don't know if I ever need this, but I serious would love to get it. But RM40 is a bit pricey la....
That day while window shopping at the Kids' Department (yes, that's how "lovely" my dates are with Sinren), we saw this whole set of Stitch stationaries. It includes pencils, ruler, pencilbox, erasers etc. Sinren said he would get that for my graduation. W-T-H????? Hahahahahahahahaa~

Ok, back to my hair. Nika washed off the cream and started the straightening process.
Hahahaahahhaaah~ Damn scary right? I took this from my lap. That's why so black my face. HAhahahahahaha~

Hello Nika. Hahahahahahahaha~ I actually took both of these photos secretly coz I'm not sure if Nika would approve photo taking. And I took it with my phone. That's why the quality so bad. You know la kan my camera so attract attention. Hard to disguise it.
Straightening my hair is the most painstaking task for a lot of hairstylist. The first hairstylist who straighten my hair was this guy from a saloon in Wangsa Maju. He needed a helper to help him coz my hair was too thick. And he got tired straightening my hair. HAhahahahahahaha~

This is Nika's younger daughter, Jenny. She was arguing with her mother about something. And ended up in her room coz she got too rude. Haha~ KEsian.
After the straightening, it was another cream application time. Damn Zzzz~ I tell you.

After 5 hours of getting my butt glued onto the seat, its time for the outcome.
But then again... its nothing special la... I had straight hair for almost three years already. So what's new right?
But then again... its my blog. So =p. Ahahahahahahahaha~

Back to bangs!!! Coz I think I still look the best with it.

My hair like terbantut d. Its not growing any longer. Zzz~ When I thought its growing quite fast, it stopped. =(

At first I hated this photo coz I looked as if I lost my neck. But then I realized my eyes looked so "guli". Me likey!!! So this is like my favourite pic now. HAahhahahahaha~

Apa nie? Like fight pulak. Hahahahahahaha~

Ok this is a super fail. Act cute photo. Coz them eyebags too obvious. So yucky. Urgh!!!!
Well, that's it bout my hair.
Straight flat hair ready for the wedding. Yay!!!! I actually wanna get it colored as well. But Nika said its too much damage for both things to come at once. So I'll get it next time la. =( Disappointed but nvm la...
The other day Jacy and I went over to HAn and Yee's new house. Which is like 5 mins away from my house. And their house was awesome I tell you. No photos of it coz I didn't bring my camera with me. But not to worry coz we set a date to stay over at their house on the 26th. So I'll bring camera to camwhore kao kao there. HAhahahahaha~
K la... Gotta go.
Till the next post.

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