Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma Pang and some photos from when I was sick


Thanks for all who send me messages and comments on the blog and twitter. Its much appreciated.

Grandma was actually healthier than Grandpa. She had not any serious illness apart from her leg problems and amnesia. By the end of her time she had lots of frustration and was not really happy. She's already very old so naturally its her time to leave.

Maybe we were not as close as I was with Grandpa, I was not really that sad. Or maybe I knew she had suffered enough so I'm actually glad that God has taken her.

I know she'll be super happy to be with Grandpa up there with God.


Two weeks ago I was super sick and had terrible diarrhoea. Remember?

Here's some photos from that time...

The oral salt that the doctor gave me

I don't like the taste of it... Sprite with salt was much much better.

After I became better, I had to do the house chores like usual again. Monday, Thursday and Friday were laundry days. After a week of no laundry, this is my over flowing laundry basket.

This is half of what is in the laundry basket. Scary ain't it? Hahahahhahaha~

My hair ends are looking like dry grass. Time to chop chop chop 'em off.

That's all for today...

Off to cook lunch.


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