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Han and Yee's wedding Part 1- Morning of the Wedding

Hello...apa khabar???

Gosh!!! After two days of editing, resizing and uploading, I'm finally done with all the wedding photos. Thanks to Peipei, Kaylyn and Jacy who allowed me to steal their photos coz some shots that were quite important was not in my camera.

Ok this post is all about the morning where we went to Muar to fetch Li Yee. Ignoring the fact that we've only have like four hours of sleep, we got up quite early coz all of us need to shower. I needed to wash my hair coz the bangs were looking not so good that morning.

We reached Han's house quite late coz all of us fought to take a bath in my mum's room which had hot water. And also coz all of us are damn vain and we took damn long to do our makeup.

Had breakfast at his place and took group photos of 姐妹 (jimuis=sisters) at the front door.

Don't know why we laughed until so happy. I mean Lydia and I la... And Jacy tertidur coz she's basically a pig. Hahahahahaha~

Actually one of the girls in the photo was not the 姐妹 but let's not start a fight shall we?

All five of us stuffed ourselves into Jeff's Camry and I had no idea why Paulie had to come and stuff himself in too. I mean there's so many cars.

Thank you Jeff for tolerating our noises and smiled all the way to Muar. Hahahahah~ Such a nice guy he is.

This babi slept all the time. DAh la the first one to sleep the night before. With me sitting on her lap also she can sleep. Geng arh!!!

Not much photos on the way there coz we were all stuffed like sardines.

We went straight to Li Yee's house first coz we had special privilleges. Hahahahaha~ The guys stopped somewhere to take photos. Damn weird ok? Out of no where they stopped to camwhore.

We were inside the house while the cameramen were outside. We seriously felt like some hot celebrity k? There were so many cameras .

Li yee's nieces and nephews damn clever to mengampu ok? When Han arrived, they were shouting "小姨丈,小姨丈。。。" (it means little aunty's husband in direct translation). Han said his heart melt at that moment.

And these are all the evil 姐妹 waiting to play pranks on Han. Hahahahahah~ Who asked him to have bullied us when were younger.

You know how he bullied me? He called me 印度人 (indian) all my life. And he used to bring his gang to step on Chelse's and my foot. For the fun of it. Can you imagine??? I think he was the one who trained me to be so rough.

But to compare with other people, mine was nothing. Hong used to be his punching bag, Paulie often kena pull down pants...etc.

Oh I remembered he always pushed me into the swimming pool if we were at vacation. In my normal clothes ok? No swimming suit on. Even now he does that. T____T

The first thing he had to do was to put on this cute ribbon that we got from his house. Hahahahaha~ The ribbon was used to tie on all the cars who followed him to Muar that day but we used it against him.

Li Yee's sister tying the ribbon on his big head. DAmn handsome I tell you. Hahahahahaha~

The second thing was for his 兄弟(hendai=brothers) to put on paper underwear with the words "莉亿,我永远爱你“ (Li Yee, I love you forever)

If you look at this photo closely, you'll see a white arrow pointing at someone familiar. Hahahahah~ PAulie kena wear the paper underwear as well. Hahahahah~ Tu la... we asked you to become 姐妹 don't want. Hahahahahaha~

Li Yee's sis putting on lipstick for Han to kiss the paper underwear on his 兄弟's butt to show his love for Yee.

The next game was to tie eggs in plastic bags around his waist and breaking the eggs without touching it with his hand. They cheated la... But who cares it was funny to look at them as if they were grabbing his balls. Hahahahahahaha~

The last thing Han had to do was drinking this cup of coffee which was super gross. Peipei and Lydia emptied two packets of Nescafe into the cup. Then peipei said it was not gross enough then Lydia added more coffee until it stunk. Han said he nearly puked putting near his nose. But Han's best friend/ex-neighbour, 肥弟gulped it down without complaining. He's like the best 兄弟d la...

Han stuffing angpows in so that we would let him in. I grabbed a few. Hahahhahaaha~

So happy with all the angpows. See the smiles also know we damn happy.

We mislead Han to one room saying that Li Yee was in it. But actually she was in the room behind where I was standing. So I was like guarding the door and taking photos at the same time. Damn multitasking can? Hahahahaha~

The alley was damn small but so many people was standing there. Everyone was sweating like mad including Han.

Look at the amounts of DSLR and V8. It was like madness.

Han actually knew all along that Li Yee was in another room. Bloody fool. On Sunday morning he broke us the news that he already knew it and we were all ceh-ing. Wasted our time and sweat standing there guarding like bodoh.

The bride was so so so pretty that day. Not that she was not pretty before this but she looked extra radiant that day.

Li Yee and Han left to Li Yee's grandmother house for the tea ceremony so we sat at Li Yee's house having a little fun of our own.

This one totally failed coz I thought I could take photos of all five of us using the camwhore way.

Thank god Cui Yin was there to take our photo for us. But we all know how awkward I look when people help me to take photos of me. Look at my face. DAmn fail k? I don't know why I just look awkward when people take photo for me. U'll see more awkward faces later on.

The guys just talk about stuff that we girls just don't care. Hahahahahaha~

Then we leave Muar after everything was settled.

While waiting for other people to delegate seats. We sat in comfort in Jeff's car to camwhore.

We took the ribbons that we used to tie on Han's head just now to camwhore and to compete who is the cutest among us all.

Sheene won hands down coz she's just so cute. And I looked like a camel. T____T I hate myself looking like that

I have no memory of when Peipei took this two pics. The second one I was looking at her but seriously I don't remember at all.

Last two photos before all of us felt into deep slumber.

Oh PAulie went to drive one of the other 姐妹's car so we had more space to sleep. But the poor fellow got lost. Hahahahahah~ DAmn dumb.

When we woke up, we were already at Han's place and was greeted by the little model.

We had lunch and talked bullshit for a bit then we had to leave coz some of us had make over appointment. It was everyone except me. T____T Nobody asked me if I wanted a makeover. So sad.

We took photos with the couple before we leave.
Most of the photos were incomplete coz I cropped out some people coz they looked horrible. So if you're cropped out, don't get mad. You looked better not in the photo.

Awwwww~ Han han so sweet. Hahahahahaha~ And I love the wedding gown. I'm definitely gonna go to Muar to get wedding gowns and photos taken.

The perfect picture with all of us in it. But I don't know what I was doing. Like bodoh nie. HAhahahaha~

Yes, friends for life. I think we will never ever separate even if some of us can't stand each other ever.

Left Han's house with JAcy. She asked me to walk home since its so near. But darling, the sun is so strong. Are you trying to kill me?

My makeup melted in the hot sun... I looked so bare by the end of the day.

Sunglasses are always my best friend. Are you sick of this pair of sunglasses yet? Hahahahahaah~

Went home and jumped onto the sofa to rest. Took this last photo and slept for about 15 mins I think.

Next post will be about the ceremony, the dinner and our performance.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos coz it was precious memories for me. I can't believe one of us is married. Its so weird to hear the elder announced Mr. and Mrs. Ng Eik Han at church on Sunday morning. All these years it was just 黄约翰小弟弟 (little Ng Eik Han) then 黄约翰弟兄 (Brother Ng Eik Han). Now its 黄约翰夫妇 (Mr. and Mrs. Ng Eik Han).

I guess its just a process of all of us switching from one stage to another. I can't believe how fast all of us had grown. All these flashbacks came back all through the weekend. Sigh~~~ I feel so old now.

K la.. Enough with my old aunty talk.

See you guys in next post ya.


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