Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Han and Yee's wedding Part 2- The Wedding Ceremony and Dinner

Hello hello~

Part two is here!!!

Photos all thanks to JAcy, Kaylyn and Neney darling... coz my camera's batt gone crazy. Gotta get a new one.

Took a shower damn quick and this was taken before all the makeup action.

Nice not? I learn this off youtube. Hahahhahaha~ This makeup is called smokes and mirrors. I love this channel on youtube about makeup. You guys can check her out. She's wonderful.

Actually I was damn sad that nobody asked me to go to Starbizz for a makeover. But seeing their makeup that night I was happy. Coz without paying any money I could create better makeup than those so-called pro makeup artists. DAmn I'm proud of myself. =D

Oh and I put fake eyelashes again. Damn cantik right? The new glue I bought was super good. Love it!!!

Remember this dress? T____T I was supposed to wear it. But my damn fickle minded mother made me take off this dress after wearing it nicely coz she said its not presentable coz I'm performing that night? WTH???? DAmn sad ok? It totally spoiled my mood. I didn't even wanna go to the wedding after she asked me to change.

Sulking like crazy but still in the mood to camwhore. Sorry la... the camwhorer doesn't rest.

After crying a bit in the car (like seriously!!!) and listening to songs that we are singing that night. I felt better and started to smile a bit.

This is the dress I wore. The whole lower part of the dress are like big flowers. Quite nice la actually. And its vintage. Its my auntie's prom dress from hell knows when.

The reason why I sulk coz I worn it for two weddings already. Like damn lapuk d can? Why can't I wear that beautiful dress I bought? Its so nice. Sigh~~~~~

Thank god my darling neney said I look nice and made my day. And as for himself he looked absolutely dashing that day. So good looking I don't know why. Hehe~

Attempt failed to take photo with him. Hahahahahaha~ But his lips so sexy right? And my blood red lipstick looked so nice. But its gone by the end of the night.

Seeing that I failed, Pei offered to take one photo for us. But remember about the awkwardness I always get when people take photo for me??? Here's how weird I looked.

Compare with the one above and you'll know what I'm talking about. Damn weird right?

I like dis!!! I like dis!!!

Dis one also!!! Dis one also!!! Why la he so handsome that day??? Tak faham betul. Sure he also put on some makeup or something. HAhahahahaha~

That's the song title for the song that the church choir sang. So suitable for us right? Hehe~

Ah pei was the total hottie that night. Coz she's usually like a man wtf. Hahahahaha~ She was looking damn hot that night.

Awkward photo again...

Much better... and I love this photo the most. ITs my handphone's wallpaper now. Damn nice.

Damn angry with mama at the beginning but then later ok d.

They looked like sisters a bit right?

Big JAc and PEi pei...see everyone wanna take photo with her. And nobody wants to take with me. My dress must be damn ugly.

Hahahaahahhahaha~ Those who know ah teck might know why I call him the beast. Wahahahahahaha~

He's gonna kill me if he sees this.

PEi pei looked like the bride standing next to Han. Oh and hi Han!!! This was taken before he entered for the ceremony.

LAst photo with him before him entered the hall. Look at his nervous face. HAhahahahaha~

Us in the hall waiting for the bride to arrive. Gosh!!! I looked so pretty in the photo. Waahahahhahahaah~

Hahahahahhaah~ Look at how nervous he is. He's nervous coz he'll be singing when the bride walks in. And we all know how terrible his voice is. Hahahahahah~

But he did alright la... And it was super touching. I was standing at the back so I couldn't take a video.

The photos below all taken by JAcy and Kaylyn.

This is the reverend who hosted the ceremony. Our pastor went to sAndakan so he couldn't make it.

We went out of the hall halfway coz we needed to help out at the reception counter and guess who came out at the same time?

Bernice darling...she was the flower girl. DAmn cute right witht the veil.

Asked her to take a photo with me she kept turning here and there. Susah la...

Apa nie... like reluctant to take photo with me nie...

Finally... this is the nicest one I ever took with her. So damn cute. And she's so damn fair compared to me. T_____T

I think she like Sinren more than me. She'll call him "neney" and then laugh laugh laugh. So contrast with Joyce. She loves me more than him. She see him nie she will "Yer....geli" Hahahahahaha~

The dinner was about to start and these roses were outside the dining hall. Nice right?

All the pretty ladies at my table. Got some other pretty lady la... but not in talking terms with her. So no photo of her. Oh and nancy was not that at that time.

Blur one but nice...

I love her dress!!! And I love her...muaks!!!

Self layan time coz nobody cared to take photo with me. Busy eating mah... and I was too nervous to eat.

Grabbed Pei to camwhore with me again coz up next its the performance. Nervous giler i tell u.

The videos of the performance is with Nana coz I asked her to video for me. Thank u so so much. Will get it from her soon and post them up.

I think I was damn nervous that I went out of tune a couple of times. T_____T But overall I heard the whole thing was ok. Phew...

The kids came up don't know for what. But its damn cute la to have them there.

Sinren came up stage to give me flowers. DAmn shy.... *muaks neney*

After the performance, the madness began. Everyone started drinking like there's no tomorrow. (actually there is tomorrow coz we all need to go to church the next day) Jacy and I didn't drink much but I think we got high the fastest. Hahahahaha~

The drunken bunch. Look at all the faces also know all drunk d. NEver seen whole bunch of people looking so red. Hahahahahahaha~

Sorry pei...I love you so much that I covered your face with my hand. Hahahahahaha~

There's another group photo taken with Han but its not in my hand yet la. But during that time I was shouting or dancing or something. Then Han shouted: "Oi! 你喝酒啊?喝醉了是吗?" (Oi you drank is it? Drunk d right?) He was like seriously sounding me but then I was not drunk and for nothing kena scold. HAhahahahaha~

Eva's back from Taiwan!!! And I want my cream puffs wei. When are we baking 'em?

The camera hates me suddenly and made me looking so dark. *Sulk*

Stupid camera seriously hate me. Won't even let me take a nice photo with my brother. T____T

Nice!!!! And please smile la next time. *SLAP*

Big Jac was drunk too hence the face

Paulie was so interested with JAcy's clutch. He started acting all gay again. Hahahahahah~

CY who's back from Sandakan

I think Hong was drunk too coz he hardly poses. Poor boy kena trick into drinking by Jonathan and Jimmy.

The middle one was drunk and the other two was just too high to function. Hahahahahaha~

We took so many kissy photos and I have no idea where it when. Those who are holding it hostage, please send 'em to me!!!

Lydia~~~~ 美丽的眼眶.... Hahahahahahahah~ Inside joke.

Sheene who got drunk and started laughing like mad then end up crying. Hahahahahah~ So drama I tell u.

Joyce is Han's baby sister and I adore her dress. Sorry didn't take it 'tho. Hehe~

U can see how high and drunk all of us were. I think we didn't stop huggin and kissing each other that night. Hahahahahah~

I think Jeff was drunk too. Look at his face. Her daughter damn cute right? And his wife damn fair until the flash reflected on her face. Hehe~

Nancy who sang second voice with me. Muaks!!!

Some other drunkard who asked me to take their photo. Don't know why I obeyed. T_____T

Look at us better right??? HEhe~ Definitely gonna develop this photo out. We looked damn sweet. ^///^

We were about to end the crazy night but we saw Auntie Siew Zhi, HAn's mother and asked her for a photo. I love aunty lots. She's so nice.

Thank god I caught up with Li Yee and took a photo with her. she's so pretty.... Jealous betul.

That's the end of the night. Went home, took off all that makeup and collapse. No beer rash the next day but woke up with a hangover for nothing coz I didn't drink at all. I'm weird like that.

Poor Li Yee was worst. She couldn't open her eyes the next day when we went out for lunch together.

The wedding ended with lots of memories and brought back lots of lost memories. Love that night like mad.

This Saturday we're having a Sushi night at Duyong and on Sunday JAcy and I are going to crash HAn and Yee's house for sleepover. So long didn't do it d. The last time we did it was two or three years back a day before Joey's (Han's sister) wedding. And Joyce had bugged me the longest time to stayover with her.

Will take photos of the house coz its damn nice k? And I secretly wanna try out HAn's room's jacuzzi. Hehe~

K la... Gotta go. Working tomorrow and then pat toh night.

See you guys soon.



Jackline Koh said...

omg is this jac the one i know???

prinz @ prinsezz said...

ERm... I don't know. He's Lim Jack...u know him?

Jackline Koh said...

yeah know him.. He's my bf's buddy. haha. world is so small.


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