Thursday, July 23, 2009

New header and some nonsence .gif

Hello!!! I'm back to being the boring me again. Sigh~ life is without purpose with big events.

The "Pictures" folder in my laptop is gonna explode and I better blog them all la since nothing really great is happening.

Anyways, did you guys realized that there's a new header in prinznprinsezz. Do you like?
Took these photos in our church's office coz we're too bored and Peipei was not around to gossip yet.

What do you guys think of it?

Honestly I think the photo of me in side profile sucks but to compare with other we took this was the best.

Click to enlarge the photos ya.

This was actually my favourite coz both of our solo photos look so cute. My side profile was not so bad. But the not nice factor was the middle photo. I think coz we took too many photos d...we looked very very tired.

This one totally failed coz cannot see my face in the middle photo and both of our solo photos facing the same side like not nice nie.

There were a few more but I deleted accidentally. So stupid. -_-

We also took some triple shots and make it into .gif files. But I don't know why I couldn't upload it. I mean I did upload them but they are not moving. So I decided to remove them.

Sigh~ LAter I'll go figure out why la.

K lah... Short post today.

Gotta go practice piano.


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