Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nostalgic School Moments


This morning marks the day that my stupidity went up a whole new level. I stupidly uninstalled my laptop's speaker!!!!

Yes, please call me stupid.


Few weeks ago already did another stupid move by accidentally deleted my recycle box and now this. Please shoot me la...


Now I can't watch my dramas thanks to my stupidity....

Ok, get over the drama for a bit coz I gotta blog.

Last week went back to high school with the gang. They needed to get back their long lost certs (SPM, PMR....which had passed us like years ago) while I need to get Mr. Dennis to sign something for me.

Going back to school is always nostalgic for all of us. Looking at that worn out building, places we used to hang out, classes we've been in before and meeting teachers who scolded us or couldn't stand us... It brought back memories.

Our first stop was the office and teacher's room.

Met up with a few teachers chatted with them. Most of the teachers commented that I look so much different compared to when I was in school. Of course la... I was a big nerdy bitch wat...

The funniest was Mrs. Chee. She said: "Were you in my class? I have no memory of you being there." HAhahahahahaha~

Talked to Pn. Zarinah for quite a long time coz she's so nice. She never scolded any of us including me.

Yer... I hate my face looking like that when I take photos but this photo look damn nice right?

Next teacher we talked a lot to was Mrs. Ong. Not my favourite teacher but chatted a lot coz... she tak nak lepas us la...

I dislike to a very high extreme ok... I had to admit this. Coz she scolded me for no reason and I hate people like that.

Once I had no A4 paper to do her stupid BM test. So I used some lab book paper which was quite like A4 paper. She scolded me right in front of the class and told me she wanted to fail me. And that's not the only time k? Last time when I was the monitor (unbelieveable but true) I kena scold like some stupid dog ok?

So you can see my love for her is below 0%

Took this using self timer coz nobody was there to take our photo. Sorry ar Bu. Half your head gone.

What makes me dislike her even more is that before going off to another destination usually other teachers would tell me advice and nice words but she said this to me:

"Eh... don't la make up so thick. Like kerja malam la..."




Well, thank you very much, Mrs. Ong.

Next destination was the toilet that we used to spend quite a long time at.

Our toilet is like famous for its stinky-ness. You have no idea how stinky it can get I tell u. And the cleanliness is like....way teruk.

But I see some improvement this time round. They had added more mirrors and more interesting stuff in toilet. For don't know what reason.

One of the interesting stuff had got to be this sign

Hahahahaha~ Hilarious

Toilet shot... with half the school girls staring at us. They like looked at us awed I tell you. Don't know why.

I like this one better if compared to the first one. Everyone looked more natural.

Haha~ 6 years ago I took the exact same photo at the exact same spot. Nana asked me to take one after 6 years to see how everything changed.
I wanted to post up the photo 6 years ago but... the truth is I looked ugly back then. So....hehe~ Maybe next time I feel like posting up ugly photos then I'll post la...
Anyways if you wonder why that hair clip is on my hair like stupid....I forgot to bring a smaller clip. Haha~
Next place we went was the hall but no photos there coz we forgot .We were all being nostalgic and thinking of what would happen if we didn't study hard enough. We probably would not have finished uni at all.
We also went to all the classes we've been into. All the classes had been change and its definitely not like how its use to be. And the made one of the walls into mountain climbing thingy. Don't know for what? To climb to the science lab upstairs? Can't use the stairs?
The last place we went to was the library.
Nobody was in the library and we were kawan baik with the library auntie so we camwhored in the library.

Wah... all of us looked so gorgeous la... Haha~ But the stupid sunlight made the photo not so nice.

Remember this post? Haha~ This is just an unprofessional of version of it. And gosh!!! my tummy is like a sore eye!!!!

The purpose of the super big bag is of course to cover up my ever-growing tummy. T____T No weight lost yet. Wedding is in three weeks. FML
We left school ground and went to Uncle Botak's stall which was just next door.
We used to be prohibitted to go to Uncle Botak's. If we go over there, prefects will jot down our name and demerit us. Demerit points is one of the most stupid-est system that my school has. They demerit us for almost everything. And when your points are way low, you get suspended or terus kick out.
Anyways, Botak's food rocks!!!! I miss it so so much...

This nasi lemak is the shit. Its so good I think I can eat two plates of it at one time.

YumZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... let's go to back to Botak again la gang...

I can never finish this sambal but its damn nice. Very spicy but damn nice...

There's a big variety of drinks/desserts to choose from at Botak. I had a long time deciding what to order.
Limau cincau? Air Jagung? ABC? LEng chi kang??? Cendol????
I decided on cendol coz I'm craving for it for a bit.

Not the best but yummy still. Don't know why its a bit salty la... But whack nie la... HAha~
That's the end of our back to school trip. After that we went to K. no pics coz I don't look good with flash.
Last night the gang for dinner and sang K again. I had the weirdest hungover ever coz none of us drank and I woke up with a massive headache like a hangover. Maybe that's something they call get high on life.
And last thing before I go, Go Go KTV sucks. Dreambox is the best for the moment. Woots!!!
K la... SEe you guys next post.

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