Monday, July 20, 2009

The pre-wedding party and Han's open house


The wedding is finally over and boy, let me tell you...weddings are the most tiring thing in the world. Especially when you're involved. For two days, I've been like rushing here and there.

But then again it was fun and I can't wait for the next wedding. So who's next huh? Faster la a bit.

So a day before the wedding, it was the bachelor party and open house. I had to teach at 5-6pm at home and then go for the thing at 7pm. But I ended up going at 8 something coz I waited for Jacy, Fay and Neney dear to go together.

Our houses were so near to each other (Han's and mine) but I ended being the latest of the youth to arrive. There were actually other people who are later but they live quite far and could not be blamed right? Hehe~

Put on some eye makeup and I'm ready to go. Its a casual thing so actually need to put makeup but well, I was vain and I think without makeup I'm not ready for the world.

Camwhored a little while waiting for the people to arrive to go together. There were more photos but I decided to spare you guys. Hehe~

Wear shorts coz its a casual thing and coz I can sit however I want without kena scolding. And since its just 5 mins away. I don't need to bring my wallet or anything else. I brought I clutch to put my camera in it.

There was not many photos taken during the party coz we were busy eatting, drinking and crazy-ing. Hhahahaha~

Looks its Peipei!!! Whom I suddenly lost closeness to when she left to study in MMU Cyberjaya. We used to be the lesbian couple of our church. Hahahahahaha~
I must say this wedding brought us back to where we were years ago. Sinren and Mr. Kelantan, you guys can stand aside d. Coz the lesbian partners are back together. HAhahahahahaha~
Pei, JAcy and I sat on the couch and gossiped the whole night. Not exactly gossiping la. We were plotting on how to play pranks on Han on the wedding morning. Then we moved on to plans on how to get rid of crazy admirers. And then its all about Mr. Kelantan.

This is Han's niece, Bernice. Two or three years back we were her mother, Joey's 姐妹 (jimuis= "sisters")for her wedding. And now its her uncle's turn. How fast time flies.
And what a model Joey gave birth to. She's like the next camwhorer after me. Just take out your camera/phone. She'll pose for you instantly.

Look at her!!! Damn cute right? Just felt like hugging her and squeezing her like mad.
Haha~ I have this thing about squeezing cute kids. I have no idea why. Hopefully I don't suffocate them la...

Bernice and her 阿姨(ah yi=aunty). She calls all the girls are 阿姨and all the boys 哥哥(korkor=brother). Damn weird. Call me 姐姐(jiejie=sister) la...
After that there was lots of drinking, I didn't even finish a cup coz I was afraid that I might get beer rashes in the morning. Which I didn't coz Heineken loves me. Only Carlsberg and Tiger make me itchy the next day.
Pei pei had a little too much to drink and started talking a lot a lot and very loudly. Her sis had to drag her home.
Jacy, Lydia and Sheene stayed over at my house and we chatted and showed each other what are we wearing on the wedding morning. They helped me decide what to wear coz my clever mother went to take the dress I intended to wear to the tailor for repairing. She's ruining my life I tell you. Damn angry with her for the whole two days.
The girls finally settled down and slept at 1am. We planned not to sleep but I guess we were getting old and we couldn't even open our eyes by 12.30am. Haha~
That's the pre-wedding thingy with very little photos. Will post up the wedding photos tomorrow and probably will cut it into two parts coz there are too many photos for one post.
Still not done editing them. Will get them done today.
So see you guys tomorrow ya.

p/s: totally kidding about mum ruining my life. She does get on my nerves but I still love her all the same. =)

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