Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip- Perak Last Day


Today is the last day of posting up the road trip photos coz its already our last day in Ipoh and also the last day of the whole road trip.

We were supposed to get up at 8 to eat dimsum but we couldn't wakeup. Chooiyin's mum came to our room twice but none of us got up until she shouted. Haha~

On the way to the dimsum shop

The dimsum was heavenly... much better than the one I love in KL near PJ Logos. Had not found any good one in Melaka yet. Any to recommend?

Everyone had something in their plate but me. Coz I took the fishballs plate and before I could take my picture the balls fell to ground. T_____T

After brunch, it was souvenir time. Aunty bought these Ipoh delicacies for me. Thanks so much.

Chooiyin's mother said there's this place with heavenly egg tarts (my fave) but manatau its closed so we went to this one which is few blocks away.

The oven to bake 'em egg tarts. Super old school right?

Then we were on our way back to KL without Shiu Li. T_T

Forgot my sunglasses for the trip so I played with Esther's

Last look at the mountains before leaving Ipoh for good.

Some intimate moment with Esther wtf. Hahahahahaha~

My Chooi Yin strapped to the back...kesian~~~

I heard that we don't have to put seat belt anymore. Is it true???

Esther's turn to play with the sunglasses...

Didn't play la... she really needed it.

We saw a lorry which flipped outside down on the way back... so scary~~~~

K lah... That's all.

The end of it....phew~~~~

I miss 'em even more these few days when I saw these piccies. Can't wait to see them again soon.

See ya people...


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