Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Short update

The Canon in D had been pulled out from the wedding ceremony =( and I don't wanna talk about it.

And I no longer import my blog to facebook anymore because I don't want too many people reading the blog. Ironic isn't it? Now I understand why some bloggers decided to lock their blogs. I do wanna be a high hit blogger but somehow I hope people read my blog without judgement. Time to time I kept explaining myself on the blog but people still does that. And I guess I should stop explaining. If you like what you read stay, if you don't please leave. I can be a five hit blogger and be happy to share with people my life.

This is not a post to spoil the mood of the wedding week.

I can't update about anything related to the wedding because photobucket *bleep*-ed. Sigh~~~~

I'll try blogging again tonight.

See you guys then.


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