Monday, August 17, 2009

Aliens in the attic and cookies day with Li Yee and Joyce


Its happy no work Monday again. But cant bum around too much coz mama had been complaining about me not doing chores properly and not enough piano practicing. T_____T She summore said I lepak around with my friends too often. Why la like that? Ok la... I'll stay home for a week. So friends, sorry I can't hang out this week. MAybe next week la k?

Anyways, last night after kena scold from mama I went for dinner and movie with the guys, Paulie, Kelvin and Alex. Hehe~ Kena scold still can go out. So nice la my mummy. =p

We watched Aliens in the Attic which was not really nice. Quite boring actually. I nearly fell asleep. The only nice part was when Ricky (Robert Hoffman from Step Up 2: The Streets...god he's so hot in that movie) was possessed. Damn funny. Laugh until cried ok?

We ate dinner near Pay Fong 2. And guys being guys talked about video games while I eat my mee hoon kuey quietly. Damn boring I tell u. I just blank out during the whole dinner.

But overall it was fun and I had a good laugh. And thanks to the guys for being so nice for once. Paulie waited for me at Big Apple while I drove (very) slowly in the rain from home. Kesian you know... he was damn hungry. I was quite shocked that they wanted to walk me to my car after the movie coz they are like: "You take care of yourself arh... Bubbye"


Last Tuesday went over to The Ngs residence to have so girly time with Li Yee and Joyce. We decided to make some cookies. Of course from ready made packets la... I'm not that geng yet.

Camwhored in the car Li yee was not home when I reached her house. Should have leave later la... DAmn stupid. Forgot her house is just less than 5 minutes away.

They're back and we started immediately. Like damn busy nie everybody. Oh I only took their backs coz I'm not sure if they wana be on my blog.

Mixed dough and started shaping the dough in weird shapes. Haha~ As you can see from the pic there's cars, bikinis and strange looking shapes at the back.

This was first batch... We thought it was a failure coz at first they came out quite soft. Cookies are supposed to be quite hard right? But after awhile they were ok d.

The first batch we didn't dare to play with those coloured rice, chocolate chips...etc. coz we were afraid that we were going to fail.

After that the amount of decorations we did was super geng d... Warna-warni. Haha~

Look an alien couple. Hahahahahahhahaha~

I told them the alien couple is actually Han and Li Yee. And this particular one was Li Yee.

After saying that I took the cookie up and ate it


Baking in process...

Got bored while baking and went to play with Han's tortoises

I used to rare these tortoises back in my old house. But one got stolen and the other was too sad of the lost of its loved one and died. T_____T I still remember their names. Tom and Jerry. T____T

We did so many cookies but still many dough were left. So we took one whole big lump and did Paulie's birthday cake coz its his birthday that day.

Unfortunately it did not reach him =( Sial punye Han forgot to pass it to him. Even until today.

And Paulie said it looked like something coming out of a toilet so he'll pass. HAha~

And that's him I made. HAhahahahahahaha~

Li Yee made this... Awwwww~~~

Ended the day and went back home with oily face but a big smile on my face coz it was damn fun. Gonna do it again next week with Jacy. Yay!!!!

Oh in that pic above. I burned my knuckles. Damn stupid. Haha~

K la...

Gotta run.


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