Monday, August 24, 2009


I have nothing interesting to blog about so I'll just tell some grandmother stories to bore you guys coz I'm so bored. Haha~

I'm sick. Had fever few days ago and got better. Cough also came and stayed till now. My situation is sometimes good sometimes bad. That explains why I'm laughing like a hyena yesterday but at night I couldn't get out of the house coz I had to lie in bed.

Starting from next month I'll be working less hours on Sundays. Yay!!! Usually on Sundays I work from 3pm till 6.45pm. But starting from Sept I'll be working from 6pm only. But Saturdays will have to be a longer working period la. I don't mind coz I can at least nap before going to work on Sundays. Oh because Sept is the fasting month. So I won't be working at all on Sundays. (Long story la...) Yay!!! But only for Sept.

I'm going to PD this weekend. Yay!!! So I better get well.

I'm 53kg. T______T I'm fat. I don't think I could wear a bikini at PD. T____________T People will call me fatty. T_______________T

My best friend asked me to quarantine myself. T___________________________T I'm so devastated I'm gonna go play Beethoven's Pathethique now. T_______________T

p/s: Sorry to end so suddenly coz I was quite sad that the best friend ditch me at the last minute when we planned to do something together before the holidays even started. Yes, I'm pretty pathetic.


jack said...

hey you dont have a chat box so i scribble here. I'm selling handbags. Please visit my site.

add me in friendster leh..

prinz @ prinsezz said...


i deleted my friendster. do u have facebook?

Jackline Koh said...

eh i mean facebook.. haha

and my msn is


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