Friday, August 7, 2009

DAmn free la hari ini

Hi, its me again. Two posts in one day... now you know how free I am in the morning.

No la... I'm just too excited with xiuxiu that I edited more photos... and some of it them effing funny.

My own transformation =)

There's nothing much you can do with a guy. Summore he wore specs. I only changed his eyes colour. Hot nye...

Posting up the ori photos so that you guys can compare. This is Puffy pre-transformation. She sent me the photo coz I asked her to.

Ok only right? Don't know why I'm not that satisfied with it. Her eyes looked nice la... But a bit weird. Puff said she looked like a hamster. Hahahahahaha~

Ann's latest profile pic on FB

I think she looked a bit like angelababy after the editting. Little wee bit nie. (Yang tak kenal angelababy please google it up)

I also experimented with gradient effects. Nice!!!

Nana is already very pretty to start with. *sayang* Haha~

Super cute can? Like puss in boots wtf. Hahahahahhaaha~ I think this is the best editting I did for the moment.

Na, I shaped your brows. Nice not?

Swoon~~~~ Looks hot huh? But I think the eyes a bit cock-eyed. Lol. Paiseh ah... Not pro yet.

There are two that I think that I did badly which are the next two.
Like no difference nie. And I made her looking darker.

Hahahahahhahahahahahahaahh~ THis one on purpose one. Hahahahhahahahahaahaha~

Bu, I dyed your hair blue but cannot see sorry. HAhahahahahahahahaha~

OMG this photo is damn hilarious la... Hahahahahahahhahahahaahha~

Don't la angry bu... I think you looked funny but hot ok?


Now this last one is the ultimate favourite of mine. I'm not gonna tell you guys who is this. So why don't you guys guess. Its one of the few people that I blog about la... And also my close friend. So guess guess guess.
Guess who?

Those who guessed correctly will get a virtual kiss from the person itself wtf. Hahahahahahahahaha~

And to the person in this photo, do you recognise yourself? Hahahahahahhahahaha~ Damn hot la wei.

HINT: New member to the gang. Hahahahhaahhaa~

Ok la...

Gotta get ready for work. End of my damn free pagi.



Sim said...

Oh comon... why hasn't anybody guessed anything yet?
Is my kiss THAT bad?.. lol

Ann said...

omg wtf??? uncle sim, nice eyes btw.. sexay... hahahahahahahahahaha...

trinatay said...

Buvy looked like clownlar HAHAHAAH!
Siew Han looked damn hot weiii!! HAHAH!! Plus the hair sumore LOL!

N dookie ty so much for editing that...coz i looked even sluttier than b4 hahaha!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Sim: No market d la u...

Trina: No prob la... Hahahahhaahhaahah~ That's what friends are make u look sluttier

Sim said...

Yes, thank you Dookie. As if it wasn't already hard enough for me -_-"

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Sim: Hey at least I offered people ur kiss. Haha~


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