Sunday, August 9, 2009

Days when I was going to and fro JB


My working days just passed and tomorrow's my off day. Yay!!! I'm going to go dye my hair then go and take my graduation pics at the studio. *excited*

Yesterday went to Sakura House to eat Sushi with Jack, Jacy, Paulie and Kelvin. Had second round at some place I forgot where (drunk again?). Wanted to watch movie but kena call balik by mum. T______T

This is today's photo of the day. lol. I found this in my phone. I didn't upload it till now. DAmn kao cute right??? HAhahahahahhahaaha~

Ok... today's post is about the week when I went to and fro JB for my grandma's memorial service. Gosh~~~ tiring four days. But for grandma, its all worth it.

DAy #1: On the way back from Melaka

CAnnot compare to Ipoh

Was hungry so went to Aeon Tebrau to get some food. KFC rocks!!! But the chickaroni like biasa nie la... Cheezy wedges still rock.

The youngest addition to our family. So damn cute.

During the memorial service from my seat.

DAy #2: Tuki's the companion. Whee~~~~

Snacks for the three hour journey...yummy!!!!

My favourite cuttlefish which some people can't stand. I think coz they stink or something right?

Call me childish but I've been wanting to get this the longest time. Optimus Prime is out of stock so I could only get one. =(

Now its a robot...

The other minute its a car.... wow~~~~ Hahahahahahaha~

Spend sometime playing it until I got bored and slept off. Mum said I went cuckoo coz while playing I was making weird noises. Hahahahahahahhahaa~

Mum super excited coz we're going to have bak kut teh!!!! Yay!!!!

Quite famous Bak Kut Teh shop in Johor. Uncle BAk Cheng has a few branches all over Johor.

Check out the food: Tau favourite =)


Dip it in the soup and it soaks up everything. Yummy!!!!

The Bak Kut soup

Lemme tell you how weird I am when it comes to eating bak kut teh. First of all I will ask for two spoons.

For what you ask? One spoon is to take the soup.

The other is for scooping rice

Then pour the soup on to the rice

Put it in your mouth and enjoy

Haha~ Damn weird I know. I can just use one spoon to do all that. Hehe~

Alison's DIY acryllic nail. Damn cunted. Do for me la...

Mama's new hair style. Like mop nie...

Day #4

Camwhore before falling asleep. Hahahahaahahaha~

Woke up and continued camwhoring. Hehe~

Xing who loves listening to my voice. Look at his awed face. Hahahahahahahahaha~

Breakfast for the morning of the funeral: 水糕

Snack that Coco gave me. Joan calls it shit coz she thinks that it looks like shit. But I think it looks like some dusty dick. Hahahhahahaahahahahah~

Its actually chicken floss la...

Well, there's my five days in JB. Quite boring la... Not much to do.

Went shopping on the last day. Bought nothing but a pair of boxers from Wh. Hahaahhahahahahaah~

Ok la... gotta go d.

Damn tired today.

See you guys in the next post.



trinatay said...

U laughed more in this post than any other posts o.O

N wtf dusty dick? HAHAHAHA!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

OMG?!? U counted my laughs wtf. Hahahahahahahah~

Don't look like meh? Haha~


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