Monday, August 3, 2009

My Spartan Shoes


Back from JB since Saturday and its now all work and no play. Er.... no la... last night I just had a night out with the girls and tonight we're going for a movie. I love Mondays!!!

Tomorrow I'll be starting to work at Piano House. And starting from this month I'll be working 6 days a week. Zzz~ So sien can? But for Taiwan I'm gonna work my ass off. (More on that when I have the time)

So anyways, my blog's gonna be for the moment be in boring mode. Coz I had not gone anywhere interesting and my camera's a bitch. There will be pictures but just talking nonsence nie la... Hope I don't bore my people off.

Oh, Sinren left for KL last night. Work hard Neney!!! I hope you could go to Taiwan with me and don't forget whatever I wrote in the letter ya. Muaks~~~

Anyways, do you guys remember my gladiators?
Have I ever talked about this pair of glads arh?

Anyways to cut long story short, I bought this from Sg Wang and I love it to bits. I don't want to buy a pair of gladiators that looked like everyone has the same one everywhere. I quite satisfied for the moment coz no one I saw had the same one with me. *proud*

Paulie calls them Spartan Shoes. Whenever I wore it to church or anywhere else with the church gang, he'll shout at me: "Spartans, get ready to dine in hell!!!!" WTH???? Hahaha~

Ok the reason why I posted up this picture of my shoes was because the other day I was reading the bible at church and I came upon one page.
Focus on the shoes of the Roman soldiers

Hhahahahahahahahaha~ Don't you think its the exact one that I'm wearing in the photo above??? Sinren and I was laughing like mad I tell you.

I showed Jacy and the rest of the church gang. Now they don't call it the Spartan shoes. They call it the Ephesian shoes (Ephesian is the book that I found the picture in the Bible).


Watching The Proposal tonight.

Gotta go to do house chores.



trinatay said...

I wanna get a gladiator shoe tooooooo! But I'm gonna look so weird in it =.="

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Why look weird leh? Won't la... TRy la... if weird then don't buy.

trinatay said...

I tried.. but my feet looked as if kena chop into 10 pieces =(


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