Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never bring me to a shopping mall


I'm probably not gonna be online today. So this is actually a pre-scheduled post. =D

Anyways, on Monday night I went to watch The Proposal. Did I just said that like a hundred times already? But its damn funny. So please go watch it.

There's so many funny scenes but one that I can remember very clearly right now is when Sandra Bullock was in the woods with gammie. Gammie asked her to chant whatever that she could think of...vowels, words...etc. So she started to chant:

"Windows... windows....walls... walls.... I'm sweating in my balls"

Hahahahhaahahahahahahah~ DAmn funny I tell u.

Anyways, here's the trailer for a sneek peak for those who had not watch it.

What I wore...

Tank top: FOS
Blue top over tank top: Given by one of my cousins
Jeans: Giordano
Bag: some stall at Mahkota Parade
Giraffe necklace with bow: Sungei Wang

I also wore a pair of loop earrings in the photo which I took out before I leave the house. I think I looked to accessorize so I took it off.

Harry Potter was wearing a cap. Hahahahahaha~

Somebody put a tissue on the cardboard Harry Potter. It was super hilarious so all of us took photo. LOL.

Anyways, Sim booked 6 tickets which i had no idea whatever for coz there are only four of us going. Ann forgot to tell Nana to cancel the extra two. We ended up with six tickets for four people. So I called Jacy over to watch it. (And that weirdo screamed into my ears coz she was too excited. Haha~) And one more ticket we just wasted it coz nobody else wanna watch it.

Before the movie I went to Daiso and DFO and ended up with a big hole on my wallet. T____T But I comforted myself saying that I need these things a lot.

I need this basket a lot coz I suddenly am into organizing and saving spaces in my room. So that more stuff can fit. Hehe~

The panels are adjustable. *Thumbs up*

Also bought this.

Partitions to divide my drawers and also boxes.

I'm gonna get more plastic cases from Daiso soon. Coz I seriously need them to organize the whole room. Things are too messy.

Bought clips coz I need them la what else?

Bought this bangle coz its 50% off. I don't need them but it looks too hard to resist. Hence, explain the title of this post.

Also 50% off and too adorable to resist

Its says darling =) which Ann was totally disagree-ing too. =p

Before I sleep I started to do some organizing. Bersemangat betul. Haha~
The first compartment on the left is for my bows, the middle one for hair clasps and the one on the right is for hair ties. I can't find all my hair ties coz I dump them sesuka. Now gotta go find them back.

Gonna try the partitions on this box. As you can see I already started coz too excited.

The partitions could not stand on its on so I decided to put masking tape at the bottom to make them stay put. I think next time I'll get blue tag. Its stronger right?

But it looked damn ugly lor

So I put tissues to hide the ugly masking tape and then put the necklace on top of tissue.

When its done it looked like this. Nice not?

Done the thing after 30 mins. Haha~ As you can see I'm not into those handy stuff la kan?

But it looked damn good. Gonna try it for other boxes next time I'm free.

Anyways, before I leave...
To the lame fella who did this to me, please watch out. Got me scared thinking got stalker beng stalking me. Hahahahahahha~

Like stupid nie looking around for suspicious people pada hal the sial one sitting behind of me.

And to the other two accomplice...*slap slap slap* Hahahahahahaha~

This one nearly gave you away if I wasn't so ganjeong. Ah bengs don't say this k? With my experiences with ah bengs, they usually say: "u guess leh?" Haha~

Damn lame!!!

K la... gotta go...

See ya all soon.


p/s: And you wonder why you can't get girls... Hahahahahahaha~ Too beng d. Hahahahahhahaah~ Beng and corny. Hahahahahahaha~


Ann said...

wakakakakakakakakaka.. i almost burst out into laughter when u showed me the msg from beng and corny simmy.. Mission success...!!! muahahaha.. Screw you..

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Screw you back bitch...hahahahahah~

trinatay said...

I was innocent. I was buying popcorn when u showed me the msg... So sudden i cant think of what to say i juz said i dunno ROFL!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Hahahhaahahahahah~ Never mind la... I just felt stupid thinking i was stalked.

Ann said...

the most stupidest thing is we make u find for someone with specs... hahaha..

trinatay said...

I also kena before, not once, but twice. Not few minutes, not one day, but few days. So, mine is a total screwed up case.


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