Saturday, August 15, 2009

Prinsezz Graduation


Back from my graduation and a very busy working day. Really very tiring lor. And I think I'm falling sick.

I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking and do some captions nie coz I'm too tired.

Did a last minute shopping to get some cards for my friends. Thank God for Boon Hong for having beautiful cards like this. At least I don't have to rush to town to get 'em.

They are handmade with cute buttons and scrap cloth =)

Thank God Jusco was near home

The stupid fella in Jusco didn't wanna wrap the bears and doggies for me. So I bought clear wrappers and wrapped in on my own. See the sincerity guys? Hehe~

On Convo Day itself

Did my makeup first coz I scared will reach KL late. And true enough I was correct.

Camwhore pics sangat banyak coz I didn't sleep along the way. Hahahahahahahaha~

Camwhored with moi camwhorer parents. Haha~

And as you can see dad loves his Optimus Prime sunglasses. LOL.

In Dewan Tuanku Cancellor

Too bored and camwhored alone coz the rest of my friends not sitting close to me. T____T Why la my name starts with 'D'? Sigh~~~~ stuck with Mun Fei. Takkan camwhore with him right?

Sial punye bangs...parted pulak dia.

Pics taken by YS Photo Studio. This is my favourite of the three =)

Damn yeng right? Love all these pro photographers la... make me look so pretty nie. Haha~

First person I caught to take photos with outside DTC was this lovely gurl... *muaks*

The first junior whom I spoke to when she came to UM and she's really a damn nice girl.

With other juniors that I was quite close to in uni

With my uni's gang. Minus Chooi Yin coz I can't find her at that time...

Yunying came and took photos with us too

Baba... she's like my twin in uni *hugs*

Whole muzik department's group photo....totally chaotic I tell you

My mortar board didn't stay on my head and kept falling after I came out of DTC. Sial betul.

Enlarged to see my pissed face. Hahahahahaha~ Somebody in front of me kept blocking me that's why pissed.

Block habis sial... T_____T

To the junior who blocked me, jaga lu.

I was on the phone with Pastor Phang. She couldn't find me coz the crowd was super massive.

Parents...only one taken coz dad couldn't tahan the crowd and also the heat. Apa la papa nie...

Found CY and took our housemates photo...minus one coz one left for America d.

My babe and roommate. *muaks*

At last she found me. Hahahahahaha~ Thanks to mama who guided her to where I was at.

Was it obvious I was looking at the girl who kepoh into our photo with hatred? Hahahahahaha~

The person who helped me the most in my thesis. She's the one who helped me to score an A-. *hug hug hug*

Gonna miss her lots. Hope she'll visit Melaka often.

One of my bestie came!!!

Thanks for wearing so decent wtf. Hahahahahahahahah~

She wore my mortar board but couldn't see. So sorry...

Hahahahahahahahahah~ Tu lah.... spam ur face in people's camera summore la. I post ugly photos of u. Lalalalalala~

Puff knows Esther coz she went to our house for a few times and also Esther always saw both us webcamming. Funny how friendship starts huh?

This is what I call normal la... Where can have non-gila photos one right? Hehe~ Too bad its the only one.

Mum came back and left dad alone at some where which I don't know where. Haha~ So we took more photos together.

Last photo before she left

My roommate whom I shared a room during my first year. She's so damn fair. I'm like an African beside her. T_____T

Got tired and sit down to rest while waiting for the rest of my friends to come. Quite free so camwhored with Puff.

I think Buvie called to ask for directions

Jing Xuan came!!!!

Too bad Kai Yee couldn't make it. T____T

So tired.... Felt like going home d but still waiting for some friends to come.

Buvie finally came and took one last photo with Esther before she left

My man came after work.... *sayang*

So good looking la he wear formal. *sayang more*

I'm holding the lily that he gave me *sayang sayang sayang*

Faster took photo with Buvie coz I forgot when she first arrived. Hahahahahaha~

LOL. Look at my face expression. Like unwilling nie to take photos with her.

Sial punye budak spamming my camera with her face again...

Buvy's face expression like saying: "Why the hell this ugly camera looking at me?" Haha~

Best friends camwhore with your camera while you are busy talking with your bf. Haha~

Hug hug my besties....

Haha~ Mum bought that for me coz I was asking for a balloon since the moment I stepped into UM ground in the morning.

My bf took it to show people where we are so that they'll find us. Haha~

She said she carried everyone during their convos. I wonder who carried her. Haha~ Damn mean.

Buvie asked him to carry me pulak

Look at my worried face!!!

DAmn too long didn't put myself on the weighing machine d. Don't know heavy or not sial.

Must be heavy la... Look at his sial face. Haha~

Puff couldn't carry me. Haha~

Everyone became obssessed with the Spongebob and you get to see him in every photo. Haha~

All of us...blurred but nice =)

Thank God not everyone came coz then can't fit everyone in. Hahahahahahaha~

Where the hell is neney looking at??? Or what??? *slap*

Puff and her soulmate wtf

Them having a heart to heart chat. Hahahahahahah~

Puff: I love you Spongebobby... I always will...
Spongebob: Heh?


Shu Yee who came after her class to pass me the gift from PJ Logos

Its a pink bear!!!! *LOVE*

Buvy trying to snatch my bear from me... Look at my priceless face. Hahahahahahaha~

Cherlene who came after her fieldwork. So terharu with all these people

Janice and Samuel Ho who came after work....

My 组长

Last photo taken then we left...
Haha~~~~ NG photo. But too funny not to post up. Hahahahahhaahah~

Puff said she didn't take photo with mum so took in the car

Mum and dad dropped us at Midvalley coz we're having dinner together while my parents went to see my Grandma Wong then went home.

We went to have Paddington House of Pancakes.

Haha~~~~ Both looked so happy that's why I posted

Miss him so much after two weeks without him in Melaka. T_____T Nobody wants to fetch me back from work on Thursdays d. Had to drive to work. T______T

She who didn't believe that pancakes can make her full. Boy... was she wrong. =p

Dead tired

I guess he was tired too coz he was damn blur that night.

Went toilet for 15 mins. Haha~ I think he got lost or something. Too long didn't go MV i think.

Now its all food photos. Those who are hungry please don't go on.
All of us but Parveen ordered set dinner. So she ordered this drink, Mango Fizz.

I predicted that she would get married to a mango seller that night. Hahahahahhahaa~ Inside joke.

Nachos with dip that made me full before even starting our dinner. Haha~

Buvie's grilled chicken burger...

Say la summore not full... makan pun tak habis

Didn't try it so I don't know the taste. Haha~

Sinren's super expensive seafood chapati. Haha~ No la... This is Capri Set.

He said not nice and regretted ordering it. But got mussel only la... Haha~

I don't think its not nice la... Just something is missing.

Puff's San Francisco set. One of my favourite...

My er... the name too long. Something healthy la... Hahahahahaha~

Its a piece of pan-grilled dory fish fillet with seasoned pancakes. DAmn nice!!! Gonna eat this again if I'm back there.

Puff stabbing the fish until everything blurred man. Haha~

We were dead full by the time we finished everything. Actually we stuffed everything in la... Don't waste food mah...

We nearly died when they brought our dessert, pot of gold. But it was damn nice. We finished it within minutes.

Next time just go for desserts pun boleh la... Damn nice la.

Stayed overnight and went back Melaka with Puff. Picture taken at the bus stop.

Enlarge and read no. 3. So dumb ok... this sign was supposingly for taxis but don't know why talked about bus pulak.

Now for all the presents and flowers I received.
From my juniors. Daisies are my second favourite flowers. (Esther's influence) Thanks!!!

Gift from Chooi Yin. Loved it to bits. Thanks babe~~~

Sunflower from Esther. How thoughtful... she gave us a flower which won't die. =) Thanks Esthie.

Haha~ My fave gift.... Thanks mum

Flowers from Pastor Phang, my thesis informant. I should be giving her flowers la. DAmn shy...

Pink bear bear from people at PJ Logos.

Thank you everybody... already thanked almost everyone on FB

Thanks baby....

This one was given to me long ago but Sim Siew Han, thank you very much. =)

I said in FB that I'm gonna post up my gratitution here. Yea so I will.

First of all, I thank God coz through His blessing and mercy that see me through my university life. He guided me in everyway and everywhere. With that I'm very thankful.

Then my parents who supported me in no matter what I do. They didn't really care about what I wanted to study but just supported everything I decided. I know people kept asking them why I took music but they didn't question me that ever. *LOVE* I know I made them really worried alot of times because of me getting sick in KL. So sorry for that. Too many things to thank them d. Don't know what to write summore. Just thanks for everything la...

My boyfriend who took my mother's place in taking care of me and nagging me. He also kept me companied when I was bored and became my kuli during my shopping trips. Thanks baby...

My housemates in UT (and MC) who fought the battle of thesis with me. The four of us sitting at our desks doing thesis are priceless moments that we spend together almost everyday. And also dinner time, yumcha time, mee cup time...etc. Too many la. Most important is all the shopping trips to MV and Sg Wang. T_____T Gonna miss you all like mad.

Li Shan and Mel... Thanks for you guys' friendship and all the mad times. Who's gonna be my lame partners now that I'm alone at home?

The rest of music department...all fond memories will be kept.

My gang back in Melaka who fought the high school with me. We might not be the best in IJC but at least we left our name in vain at school wtf. Haha~ Glad that we all graduated (or soon graduating). I only wished that we all could still stick together like last time. Work hard people... we gotta go somewhere together someday!!!

My church mates especially Paulie, Jack, Jacy and Auntie KAren who contributed lots of things into my thesis. Thanks Auntie KAren's stack of books. They are like my main books support.

Pastor Phang for helping me with my thesis all the way from Taiwan. T_T So terharu.

Pastor Maureen and everyone who helped me from GPMalaysia. Thanks....

Basically thanks to everyone.

Last but not least, a very special friend whom is the main reason why I graduated today needs to be thanked. I had never said this to anyone but today I had to thank her right here coz she's really the main reason I don't end up an useless ah lian today.

I wanna thank Stephanie Chow Siew Fern (is that your name? Haha~) whom said some important words to me which pulled me out of the useless world. If back when I was form 3 you didn't ask me to study hard to prove people wrong about me, I would not have come this far. So I really wanna thank you very very much.

I hope she reads this coz I don't know if she still read blogs. Haha~

Well, that's all the photos.

Gotta go wash my clothes now before kena marah. Hehe~

See you guys in other posts ya.


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