Saturday, August 1, 2009

Remember 13th August

Those who gave a hoot about my "Upcoming Events" panel at the sidebar might realize that 13th August is my convocation. Yayness!!! Can meet with all my close buddies again!!!

During convos people tend to buy gifts for those who are graduating on that day. Those who are attending my convo and are cracking your heads to think of what to buy *not shy mode*, let me shed you some light what to buy for me so that I will love you lots. Hehe~

No.1 gift that I want: Stitch Doll

Those who doesn't know how much I love stitch can go bang the wall now. I would love to get a Stitch with a grad costume but apparently I don't think there is. So any Stitch will do.

No.2 gift that I want: Scrump or Angel

Yes, I'm a Lilo and Stitch freak. Anything from the shop will make me very happy. Oh ya. Terlupa to include Lilo as well. But for now I seriously wants a Scrump. Please get me one... *falls on knees and beg.

No. 3 gift that I want: Lilies

I like pink and white lilies. So get 'em!!! I don't really like roses and lilies are cheaper.

I'm not that evil la... I won't ask for presents only. So people (you know who you are...), please post a comment about what you guys want for your convo. Dulu cik adik tak kerja tak de duit. Now its my turn to get you guys your stuff d.

Can't wait for convo!!!!

SEe you people then~~~~

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