Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks mum and dad...

Does anyone watch Jon and Kate plus 8? I've been watching it since the first episode. Erm... not exactly la... I didn't watch one or two season I think.

Anyways, I've been watching the latest episodes and its damn heart-breaking. Especially the episode "The First Ten Years" ending. I teared a bit. Stupid tool Jon. I hope he goes broke soon with all the partying and womanizing.

Check them out if you have no idea who they are *link* and search on youtube for their show. =)


Tuesday mum and I went to KL to return the graduation robe and other stuff. Oh and also get my scroll.

Its mum's first time driving alone to KL so she's pretty nervous. Just look at nervous face. Hehe~

I didn't sleep all the way like I usually do coz dad gave me a strong warning not to. He wants me to help mum to look out on the roads.

After dealing with uni, we had to settle another stuff which was to me the highlight of the one day trip. We had to go get a graduation present for me. Yay!!!

We went to Sungei Wang first to get my book from Chamber Music. Then we went to Pavillion to have lunch coz we didn't have a proper breakfast.
Went to Pavillion's foodcourt and decided to try this Vietnam Kitchen Deli which naturally serves Vietnam food.

Sorry mum... ugly photo of u again coz u wouldn't stop moving. =p

We ordered one of the set lunches coz we couldn't finish two on our own. The set consists of this spicy and sour glass noodles. Yummy~~~ Coz I love sour stuff. Its supposed to be the appertizer la...

I love the spring rolls... super yummy!!!

The main dish... vietnamese beef noodle. Me favourite!!!

After lunch it was dessert time and I was dying to eat cream puffs...
Puff (As in Parveen!!!! This is the cream puff I'm talking about. Damn yummy.

I forgot the name of the stall la. Its opposite Beard Papa's Cream Puff. Its different from Beard PApa's coz they have topping on top of the cream puff like donuts. I blogged about it the first time I tried it.

The puff looked a bit ugly coz I dropped it accidenrally and the topping got smeared. T_T

After searching in four different shopping mall (Pavillion, Lot 10, Sg Wang and Low Yat), we found what I wanted and left for popo's house.

Went for awhile and left for Melaka d.
My favourite sour tape... I can't find them anywhere in Melaka. Can somebody tell where to find them????

I need snacks in the car for long journeys... Coz its just fun eating in the car. =)

Shall reveal the graduation gift mum and dad got me later in the post. Quite obvious what it is right?

We reached Melaka and fetched daddy at home. We went to town to celebrate a pre-graduation celebration.

We went to Yi Tang, a steamboat owned by my friend, Sook Yee. Fabulous shop I must say.

Met Han and Yee there. So "ngam". It was their first month celebration of their wedding.

This came as complimentary. Its sour plum juice which acts as an appertizer.

Yi Tang's steamboat is something like shabu-shabu. Each person gets a pot. In a way its very hygenic la right?

We ordered two pots for three person. One pot is tom yam and the other one's herbal soup.

Herbal soup

Tom yam

All the dishes...

At first we thought that we won't be full coz it looked quite little for three people. But gosh we were damn full and had a hard time finishing everything. My dad seldom had difficulty finishing his food ever ok?

You can choose either rice, bee hoon or flat noodles to eat with the steamboat. Oh there's also rice. But you can only choose two from three.

I love the customized utensils they have there. Especially this fish one. There's lots more very nice one but I didn't take them all.

That's Yi Tang in Traditional Chinese Characters

I ordered this 吉子酸梅 (kat zai xun mui). Damn nice!!!

Thumbs up for Yi Tang. Definitely gonna go back there again!!! =)


Went to get my scroll right? Here it is...

This is another certificate, Certificate in Soft Skills...

Wow... tak sangka I was so good in so many things. Are you proud of me ma? Haha~

Bought Beethoven's Sonata for my piano lesson. Attempting Beethoven's Pathetique. T____T DAmn difficult.

Now for the present that mum and dad got me...
Yay!!! Its from Guess~~~

Yeap its a watch~~~~

I kept whining that I don't have a proper watch and made dad buy me a watch for my graduation. Hehe~ So he asked me to go buy it with a budget given. T_T Although the budget is low la but its what the best he could give me. The economy now isn't that good so I already very happy with this present he gave me.

I especially love the strap. It looked more like a bracelet than a watch. =)

Ok la... Gotta go.

Had to end like this coz I took medicine and its taking its effect on me.

Yeah... I'm sick.

So i'll be back when I'm better.

See ya all.


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