Wednesday, September 9, 2009

20 Questions

After coming back from Praise and Worship practice, I came to wonder:
Why am I immune to Han's driving but was damn scared of Siew Han's driving?

Haha~ Stupid question but really. I really don't understand why. So if anyone could please enlighten me.

Anyways, this is just a short post coz I need a little help from you guys.

So I'm doing another vlog post. So I'll open to you guys to ask me 20 questions (could be more or less). Any questions at all. I'll pick the best 20 and do a vlog entry answering 'em questions.

Hopefully there will be people participating or else I'll have to come up with my own questions. Haha~

Ok la...

Gotta go sleep. DAmn tired.



trinatay said...

Coz u're so used to John's driving d lor... But i believe uncle's driving is super safe ^^

I have few questions for you!!!!!
1. How if u're still dating with Kenneth now?
2. What booby size u wan it to be if u can choose?
3. If by consuming F cookie, ur boobs will really turn that huge, would u try it?
4. If you could turn back time, what is the thing that you'd wanna change?
5. Whats the most regretful thing u've done in ur life?
6. If your name is not Dorcas Pang Tsyi Shin, what would it be?
7. Tell me your secret!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Wow~ good questions na. I think I'll use all 7 of your questions.

Uncle's driving is safe???? I can't even open my eyes when I'm in his car. Nearly pee in my pants ok?

Anonymous said...

later i ask siew han check his car whether wet or not aft dropping u home.. lol..

Fiona Tay said...


200+ pictures in a post.
How much patience you took to complete that post?

Heehehe.. :P

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Who is anonymous eh?

Fiona: Haha~ Ok. Will answer it soon.

Anonymous said...

y u don noe me?????? sob sob.. u no fren me liao ah..????

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Don't play anonymous arh...slap u then u know. Now I damn stupid d. Semua tak dapat guess. Haha~

Jackline Koh said...

1. what is the rumours that get u so emo? must answer ar.

2. will you ever create a chatbox????

Anonymous said...

1.Wat is your main principle in life?

2.Will you remain a virgin until you get married?

3.Who is your favourite lecturer in UM?

4.When are you planning to take your next violin exam and which grade?And piano too...

5.Wat food do you detest the most?

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Another anonymous fella...wokay will answer u soon =)

Anonymous said...

yer tat anonymous copy me de.. sob sob..

prinz @ prinsezz said...

yea la... please state your name arh... don't dare to ask formally don't ask. if you don't put ya name imma not answer


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