Wednesday, September 16, 2009


20060916- 1st anniversary
We couldn't remember where did we celebrate our first anniversary. Seriously no memory at all. And nothing was recorded coz we didn't have camera back then and no blog to remind us. Do you see the importance of a blog now?

20070916- 2nd anniversary
It was a Sunday and we started celebrating after church service at his place. I bought a Tiraimisu block and ate it for lunch. Haha~ Sampat right? One whole block of cake for lunch. But actually we didn't eat the whole thing la. Around half of it.

During the night, we went to the Pizza Hut near his house to eat dinner. We didn't bother to dress up and I wore a very ugly top (a shirt I wear to sleep...hehe~) to dinner. We were all about being simple at that year. Coz that year we were quite poor. So we did everything as simple as possible. Including dressing.

Oh gosh!!! I seriously looked damn ugly and my face too thin d. Now I'm like too fat pulak. Haha~ Difficult to please.

I also hate Sinren's hair that time. Damn long and ugly. Sigh~ that time quite poor that's why.

For more details about how we celebrated 2nd anniversary, please click

20080916- 3rd anniversary
Its like not long ago but actually it was last year. Wow~ time flies damn fast.

Last year, before the celebration, I baked some cupcakes for him and bought him something that he wanted to get for a long time which was perfume. While he got me my first most expensive handbag which was the pink Guess bag that I'm always using.

We celebrated our anniversary in Sushi Zanmai, Midvalley. Different from last year we had more money coz he started working part time for his uncle. So we dressed up better than last year and ate in a quite high class restaurant (more high class than Pizza Hut la). And I love Japanese food so we chose Sushi Zanmai lor...

Had a great night eating really delicious food and shopped around (our favourite past time in KL). Then he said he loved the cupcakes I made. Damn happy coz it was my first time baking for him and he liked it. Gonna bake for him summore la... Too long didn't d.

He loved his present and had been using it everytime we went out. Smells so good. And me of course loved the present he gave me. Or else I won't use it as often right?

Our third year anniversary celebration....

This year its our fourth anniversary and for the first time we can't celebrate on the day itself coz we're in two different states. =( But its ok. As long as there's technology we can still celebrate it eventhough far away. =). We're still gonna celebrate it together la... few days later during the weekend.

I wonder how the celebrations gonna be like? Can't wait for it. =))))


Darling Sinren...

Like every year I'm gonna say something on blog to you. This year its all about thanking you.

Thank you...because when everyone misunderstood me, you stood by my side and comforted me.
Thank you...because when everyone thought I was the biggest loser, you supported me.
Thank you...because when I had no one to depend on, you were there to be my rock.
Thank you...because when nobody would eat the things I cooked, you stuff everything into your mouth and said its nice.
Thank you...because when I needed to throw tantrum, you sat quietly and let me shout at you.
Thank you...because when I cry, you gave me your shoulder.
Thank you...because when I needed a laugh, you gave me your dorky smile.
Thank you...because when I needed a hug, your arms were always open.
Thank you...because you were there no matter what.
Thank you...because you are Liow Sinren who loves me so much.


Can't wait to see you this Saturday. Miss you lots.


Jackline Koh said...

congrates dorcas.. send my regards to sinren..

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Thanks. Sure. =)

princess p. said...

this is really sweet, the poem i mean.. happy annie-wear-saree..lolll <3

Ee Von said...


trinatay said...

Coo cweeet!! Lol! Dookie, u've really changed aloooot!! Gratss!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

princess p. : u're puff right? its not a poem la... just words. Haha~

Ee Von: Thanks =)

Trina: *shy* HAha~ Thanks

Fiona Tay said...


Haha.. so sweet XD i love the pictures.. where you get the background picS?

me want too ;P

prinz @ prinsezz said...


Oh... its from a site. I forgot the site's url. Once i get it, i'll blog about it k?


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