Thursday, September 3, 2009

Casio Watches Rock!!!

Am suddenly very in love with Casio Baby-G watches. I used to own one when I was much younger but I think I lost it. T_________T

Wanted to get a Casio Baby-G for my graduation gift but I thought its like a bit too girly (I'm a woman now ok? Hahahahahahhaah~). But the colours are so vibrant I cannot tahan!!! Maybe I'll go get one for myself. But the one that I like is super expensive. Its not in the photos above. Its white and has diamonds/blings all over its face. I saw it Pavillion and its oh-so-gorgeous.


Do you know that Lady Gaga wore the yellow one in one of her videos???? Its so striking (the color) me like it!!!!!

Wanna go stalk Casio's site now.

Will blog that interesting post that I'm talking about tomorrow la k? Stay tuned.


p/s: will be doing post like this often coz I seriously have nothing interesting to blog about for the moment. Please don't abandon my blog. I promise it'll get interesting soon.

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