Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Potrait

Last night after dad finally decided to pump my bicycle's punctured tyre (I can do it myself but I have no idea where he hid the pump), I went cycling. It feels great coz it had been a very long time since I last cycled. I even cycled all the way to The Ngs' residence. Haha~

Suddenly became damn close to the family after they moved here. We were close before this but now even more closer.

Played with Bernice for a bit. Then went cycling with the family and played ping pong with Joyce and Han. I sucked badly at ping pong and then kena bully by Han summore. Purposely hit the ball damn high. I was like collecting the balls more than playing with 'em. -_____-

Went back home at 10pm. Felt really contended coz I finally got to ride the bicycle and did some exercise. I planned to do exercise since the beginning of this year. Started with jogging but stopped after awhile. Gotta start cycling now la... Let's see how long that'll last. Hehe~


This is already quite lapuk but because I just got my family potrait from the photo studio so I decided to post them up.

Anyways on the photo taking day itself I went to dye my hair and curled it temporary. *see here* Many people said that my hair colour made no difference from last time.

Nah! Got difference or not????

Sorry had to censor my face coz it looked like shit. Hehe~

Before this my hair had two different tones. The upper part is black and the lower part is something between brown and gold (and maybe some green?). It looked damn kao ugly la... So I decided to even up the colours.

I went to Nika (my hairdresser) and asked her to dye my hair with something not too light and not black. So she came up with dark chocolate. So as you can see in the second photo its somewhat brownish and made my hair colour more even.

Waiting while the photographer prepared his stuff. Wore the same thing I wore at my convo.

Did a post on this makeup before this... *check it out*

Now for the outcome... *jeng jeng jeng jeng*
Sorry I haven't remove the plastic cover. So its looks a bit ugly la right?

To be honest I don't really like both of these photos. I looked too mature. As in old.

I have no idea why but most people look old in the graduation solo photo. Don't you think so?

I seriously love this like mad =)

Close up

But I think they over-edited dad's face. Coz he looked damn young. Haha~

Mama took a solo photo for fun

Pretty right my mother? Sure la... like mother like daughter. ;)

Went back that night and it was camwhoring madness. Hahahahahahahahahah~ None of these were edited ok? Don't know why i looked so pretty that night (not shy nye...)
Curls dropped lower so its nicer now... Why la don't drop earlier can take nicer photos kan?

I was camwhoring when mama came into the room. That's why I was like that.

Not bad arh... can remain the smile summore. HAha~

The last two photos reminded me of when I had curly hair. My camwhore photos looked mostly like these.

Sigh~ still contemplating whether to go curl my hair and let my curls grow out naturally or straighten every time it curls. I wanna go back to curls coz it saves money but I seriously wanna grow long straight hair. How la how la????

Anyways another wedding is coming up but I'm not attending. Coz she's basically not that close to me. Just a church member. Just gonna attend her garden party. Good la... can save money la kan?

Another wedding of the year is happening at November. Can't wait! Can't wait! Gonna buy a fabulous dress this time. Of course it needs to get approval from my mum la. =(

K la... gotta go get ready for work tonight. Sigh~ no cycling tonight. Sien~

See you guys in the next post.



Fiona Tay said...

your mum is seriously very pretty ;)

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Hehe~ Thanks =)


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