Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fourth

Any other special dates (anniversary, Valentine's, CNY...etc) I would do lots of preparation pre-event.

One of it was getting a pedicure (Couldn't do a manicure coz my nails are too short). Of course not professionally la. No money for that yet. So its all DIY.

Pre re-painting the nails

Nicely painted maroon toenails

Added sparkly nail polish at the tip and it was awesome!!! Sparkly nail polish bought at Sasa, MP.

Next is shaving my legs. Coz I have man legs. HAhahahahahaah~

My legs are also sparkling after shaving. Haha~

On the celebration night, after work and showering, Sinren brought me to Simply Fish because I told him about how great the food was when I was there the last time.

Super sedap~~~~

Sinren's but I didn't try it

Something like the platter you can get from Manhattan Fish Market (MFM). But less goodness. Coz MFM offers mussels.

The prawns was fabulous 'tho

This was what I was craving for after Nana's birthday celebration. So damn yummy~~~~

Yeap its cheese baked oysters and we ordered half dozen for our appetizer. Super yummilicious.

Please try this if you ever go to Simply Fish.

Sinren can't wait to just squeeze in the lime and dig into it. Hehe~

Digging in

Met Marilyn, my godsis there. Gosh! Its been like years since we met. I only know about her thru her blog. Finally meeting her was exciting. Damn she's tall and she's only 18. T______T

We left Simply Fish and searched for a place to walk around but it was raining and we couldn't go anywhere to take photos. T____T So we ended up walking up and down the Jetty and it was so crowded (and windy!) we decided to just hang out in his car.

Presents exchanging time.
Got him his present from Polo Haus

Look at his smile. MAcam happy jer. Hehe~

A wallet coz his Topshop wallet was robbed last year and he's using a damn old wild channel (or is it rdact) one.

Checking it out like a curious baby

He got mine from Pavillion =)

Showing some love to Paris

I love the logo

The box

So paiseh. Sinren told me to wrap his present coz he's not gonna wrap mine. But my present is all in box and everything. Mine like so cincai nie. Sorry arh ney...

It comes with a dustbag

Went back home after that coz Mama called to ask me to go back. =s We didn't take couple photo coz it was too dark in the car and I don't look good with flash. T______T Missed out one obligatory photo of the year. SAd~~~~

Went back home and continued camwhoring. Haha~

Let's talk about the new wallet now. LOL
I love the label eventhough looks a bit "ciplak" (imitated) and also the snowflakes at the side. And yes, I'm not going to remove the plastic until it drops off by itself. Same thing I did to my phone. Haha~

The interior

So many places to store cards. ME likey. Not that I have a lot la. Haha~

Here's how my old wallet looks like now. Super ugly. That's why I told Sinren I needed a new wallet.
I have no idea why it became so ugly. T_____T Must be the lousy PVC skin la.

Its also peeling off... T____T

The skin peeled off and got stuck on lots of my cards. T____T Stupid wallet

High Quality my foot

Another reason to why I need to change my wallet is because its too bulky. Above is a photo of it with everything inside. Super bulky right?

I can't even go out with small bags with this wallet.

This is the wallet after I emptied everything. Still so bulky. Sigh~~~~ I have no idea why I bought this in the first place. Maybe the colour was too catchy I guess. Totally regret it.

This is the new wallet pre-stuffing in stuff. LOL.

This is after. Hmmmmm~ bulk up a bit but still better than the previous one right? And I could just bring it out just like that. Like a clutch (tiny version) So convenient. Me likey a lot!!!

More camwhoring...

Anyways, I wore the dress I got online and I'm loving it. So nice right? I love dresses. They are like made for big butt people like me. HAha~

Watch advertisment. Hahahhahahaha~

Faking a short hair. Teehee~ LOL

No, that's not a piece of pork. Its my leg after I came home that night. To be precised my thigh. I had a huge blue black on the inner thigh and it hurts everytime I ter-touch it. I had no idea how it got there. Stupid clumsy Dorcas Pang. T__________T

Anyways, the one with the big arrow is the blue black and the one with the small arrow is a mole. Haha~

It was a simple celebration but the food was good and I think both of us had a great time talking and gossiping. Gosh! I think we're more like best friends than couples. Haha~

Will be posting a lot this week coz there's lots of photos thanks to the long weekends. Working on the Q&A videos and some other videos. So keep yourself ready for lots of fun post this week.

See you guys then. Gotta go mop the floor.


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