Friday, September 18, 2009


Lately I'm really into retro/vintage/graffiti/colourful designs. So I changed my photobucket's theme into something like this...
(Click to enlarge) Damn vintage/graffiti lor. ^^

Due to our anniversary, this is my current wallpaper... All the photos we took together this year ♥.

Everything is so colourful right now =) Happy mode. Emo-ness faded away.


This is what's for lunch yesterday...
Ham omelette with cheese

Some vege mother planted at the backyard.

Homemade kimchi. Made by Han's mother. Super fabulous I tell you..

And that's how my lunch looks like most of the days.


Few days ago was watching some videos on youtube and watched this video made by Cheesie about hair tutorials. It was on her blog but I didn't bother to watch them till lately. One of them was her giving a tutorial on how to do the hairbow. You know the one that Lady Gaga did in quite a few of her videos... So I've decided to try it...

Quite messy at first and the bow shape was not really visible

Added more bobby pins and it looked better. But failed a bit coz can see my pink hair tie. Can you see it?

Gotta go get more black hair ties.

Also tried one of the makeup tutorials shown on youtube. Its called parrot eye makeup 鹦鹉彩妆.

Added a mole for fun. Haha~ People removing moles, I adding moles to my face. Hahahahahaha~ But I think I looked good with the mole.

Its done with my gel eyeliner btw. Haha~

Then I tried coming my hair in centre parting coz I heard somebody said that girls with centre parting are sexy.

Tell me what's so sexy huh? Hahahahahahahahahah~ Damn ugly can? Maybe I can't work it la...

Played with the effects in Photobucket and came out with some really nice pics...
I vignetted, old filmed, oil painted and camera effected this pic. Nice right? Seriously like painted.

This is engravement I think....

Colour engravement...

Er... vignetting, oil painting and some other stuff. Haha~ Forgotten.

Well, that's pretty much what I do almost everyday if I'm not working. Cooking, watching videos on youtube, dolling up myself for no reason and editing photos. Haha~ I sorta am lifeless.

Did you guys played with the lame Fortune Teller Genius on FB. Its effing hilarious. Laughed like mad last night. Haha~

Saw this link on Alvin's FB and decided that I'm gonna put it on my blog.

See if you could understand the hidden meaning of the song. Don't bother if you don't understand MAndarin/Cantonese. The hidden meaning is in the chorus.

The songs kinda lame but the chorus gets stuck in your head. Haha~

CLue: Hu Ge Cle Va Ge... Do you see it now?

Ok gotta go.

Shit the songs stuck in my head now. Hahahahahahah~



Ann said...

damn cunted la the hair bow.. me like it.. teach me..

Fiona Tay said...

You look reeeeallyy cute with that hair. Seriously. Nice hair..
I saw a few people with that hair and it suits them well.. you really look nice..

And.. photobucket can do that??
WOW! I never know that.. let me do it.. hehe..

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Fiona: Woops! Its photoscape. LOL Sorry.

Ann: search on youtube la wei.


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