Saturday, September 12, 2009

In case you guys missed me

Too long didn't use 秀秀 already. Lost touch on how to edit my eyes and blusher. So cacat. Haha~

AFter a few tries ok d la... So nice right my eyes right? Haha~

Like this like this!!!

Difficult to edit so decided not to.

Trying the lansi pose. But super fail. My mouth ter-senget pulak. Hahahahahahahah~

Kawaii pose... too long didn't do d. Lost touch. Hahahahahahahahahah~

Got nothing to blog about but just wanna post something. I'm really emo lately because of a rumour that I didn't dare to ask whether its true or not. I don't think my heart can take it. I actually hope its not true. So that I can still be like normal. At the same time I hope that its true coz something need to come to an end. T___________________T I'm super indecisive.

Next, I bought something that I super regret right now. I'm thinking whether to get another one or not. Sigh~~~~ Then the thing I bought ma wasted lor... Sigh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Super emo. Must be PMS.

Sunday is coming tomorrow (wth~ HAha~). Sigh~ Have to think about what to wear again. Think about lots of things. Sigh~ Stupid unimportant burdens. Please just let me worship properly.

Before I go back to my emo-ness, lemme remind you guys of the 20 questions. Will be recording video on Monday. So send in your questions asap. If you don't know how to leave a comment here, leave me one in my mail ( or my msn or leave a msg in my FB.

K la...


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