Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Day of Fun in KL (Lots of photos again)

On 21st of Sept, a group my church gang went up to KLIA to send one of our childhood friend to California.

Stayed over at Han's in Joyce's room coz Jacy went home and left me alone. T____T Haha~

Woke up at 4am and nearly couldn't wake up coz I slept at around 2.30am.

Started our journey at 5.15am and had drive-thru and McD.

Hehe~ Those who slept kena from me kao kao. Die la. Now I don't dare to sleep d la... Later kena from them pulak. Hehe~

Had to stay wide awake coz I promised that I'll accompany whoever that's driving. Mana tau not appreciated and kena say this: "I thought you will talk to me. Stay so quiet, might as well sleep la u." T_____T Don't know what to say mah... Takkan talk about the quietness of the night or ghosts right? Haha~

Reached Nilai and it started to brighten up.

Love the sky

Our beloved driver...

We gathered at McD coz its the only place to gather and cheap to eat. Hehe~ That's CY (the one who's going to Cali) with JAcy and Paulie.

And this is Auntie Li Yee sleeping like a lady. Please follow her way of sleeping people. Super ladylike.

And she's wearing mask coz she's pregnant and we don't want her to get any viruses or germs.

Multiple shot again. Jack is actualy moving if you look closely. He moved his eyes. And Jacy's move super predictable la. Change la bit. CY's the mad one. HAah~

Met Alvin who had vanished from our lifes for years. And he was wearing bra. Hahahahahahaha~

Its a singlet la. Haha~

Kelvin and his best friend, Ronald McDonald

Mr. McD showing the importance of wearing a mask in order to prevent H1N1. Haha~ Han put this on him.

Kelvin having a heart-to-heart with his best friend

The married couple with Mr. McD and he was so kind to hold Yee's handbag for her. Hehe~

All of us from GPMelaka who came

We've decided to all wear masks and brought one for CY. Haha~ Jacy and I are doing the ninja pose. But our legs got cut off the pic. =(

There's another one but I forgot to upload it here. Haha~

Failed photos with CY. But I think I looked good in the second one. Hehe~

This is the imperfectly perfect one. Meaning: we were both visible so its perfect but both of us looked not that pretty/good looking so imperfect. LOL

While CY was taking photos with other people we gila-ed a bit. Haha. This is Jacy trying to pose as a lonely girl waiting for someone to love her at the airport. Haha~ Totally kidding girl. Don't be angry ya...

Ju On at the airport

Jack did some dancing. Hahahahahahahah~

God I love the multiple shot feature in my phone. Effing hilarious.

These are group multiple shots that we took before he left. As you can see only the front people participated in the madness while the back people just laughed.

Did a video for him and posted it on youtube will put it up at the end of this post. Or you can check out my fb. I linked it over there.

After sending him off, we went off to Sunway Pyramid.


Went to FOS for like 5 minutes and came out with these two. The top tank top dress is so colourful. Me likey!!!

Then we went to sing K. All of us, 14 of us went and they gave us a VIP room. With two hugeass tvs and two long sofa that you could roll around. The most exciting thing was we had a stage in our room. Hahahahhahahaahha~ This is where all madness began.

Li Yee singing ^^

I wanted to blur out everything and put the spotlight on Yee. Manatau Chong Xin was right behind her. Couldn't blur him out. Haha~

Sweet betul this married couple... Jealous~~~~

Yee's pregnant so she gets tired very easily. The bottom photo was the pic of her falling asleep and Han watching. Jealous!!!!!

And in the top photo you could see Han on our stage.

Penuh semangat this HAn sang. Tapi out of tune. Hahahahahahaha~

Them rocking it. And here's the video of them singing:

Yes, its super sampat right? And towards the end, Jacy sang too high and it turned out disastrous.

I wanted to record this duet by the married couple but was too busy laughing. Han was damn funny I tell you.
Him air-guitaring and Yee running away from embarassment. With a husband like that, I also will feel embarassed.


Joseph Ng, my new love. Hahahahahhahaah~ Inside joke. Coz Jacy and I was damn jealous that Yee doesn't have to work after getting married so we said we wanna get into the Ng Family as well. And the only way into the family is by being Joseph's wife. So now we are love rivals. Hahahhahaha~

Joseph and Kelvin rocking the stage.


Paulie and Jack


JAcy and Teck dueting 会呼吸的痛

While some sang, some played some dice game. And those who lose, had to finish a bowl of soup (the soup was free we did wonders with it. Haha~)

Everlynn, Fay, Moi and Jacy

Kissy Jacy, moi, Joyce and Yee

Geez, look at my weird looking face!!!! On second thought, no please don't stare and laugh at it. Haha~

My best friend, moi, the guy who called me fatass since young and the guy who got me singing
Only Jacy was ready for the pic. I was posing but I was looking at the MV on the tv. Paulie was talking to Han, I think. DAmn freaking funny la his face. Cannot stop laughing. And Jack was looking at something.

Tried to take photo of the four of us without anyone's help. JAcy was holding the camera.

Had to bling JAcy's nose coz the insides were too obvious. Hehe~

Jack took over the camera and took this photo perfectly. So the moral of the story is if you wanna take group photo without asking someone else to help. Please ask the one with the longest hand to hold the camera. =)

Bling-ed Paulie's nose coz too scary. Haha~

Now my face is too scary. Haha~ And Kelvin's face effing hilarious sial.

Sweet sweet sweet...

After Red Box, we left Sunway and went to somewhere to eat. I totally forgot the place. Haha~ No photos coz we were too busy eating and laughing at lame Indian jokes. Not anything racist don't worry. Coz I love my Indian people.

End of the KL trip but here's some other thing that I bought from Sunway Pyramid
I only bought the BB Cream (the pink thing at the side) and they gave me a free Lee Min Ho's folder. =)))))

For those who didn't know, I love Lee Min Ho since I watch Boys Over Flower and he is currently the ambassador for Etude House. So gonna get my makeup from Etude House for the moment.

Me love it!!!!

The BB Cream that I have yet to try. HEard that Etude House's BB Cream is kinda good. Gonna try it and tell you about it la k?

They also gave me this small tube of sample which was so cute...

Ok now for the video that I said that I'm gonna post. MAny people might have seen it la...So here goes...

I'm still recording the second part. It'll take awhile so please wait for it ya CY? We want to make you wait longer and then let it be a full blow and make you cry like a baby. Lalala~

K la... Gotta go now.

See you guys soon.


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