Friday, September 11, 2009

A Package in the Post Office

My latest obsession is this phone from HTC. So damn chic right? So Blair Waldorf.

I checked out the price few days ago. Its 2500+. Siao bo? How to buy it? T_____________T Sigh~ hopefully I can save enough money by December. Its gonna be a birthday gift for myself.

Anyone wanna chip in to buy? Haha~ It can be a present for me also wat... no need waste your time to go choose present for me ma... Haha~


Few days ago a package was sent to my house. But I was not home so it was sent back to the post office. I went to collect it today.

Taken when I was still at the post office. So cantik the sofa. Its red and blue: official colors for our Pos Malaysia.

The package was quite big arh... How much you paid for it, Shiu Li? (Yeap... it was from my dear Lili)

Opened up the brown paper and a strinking pink paper greeted me. So striking... me likey!!!

The pink wrapper...nice~

Opened it up and a box greeted me...陈筱莉, 你是不是玩我啊? Haha~

There was a message for me handwritten by Shiu Li. T____________T Gosh, I really miss all my ex-housemates.

The contend of the box

A pink doggy handphone hanger. =) Everything so pink. Hahahahahahahahah~

Gonna hang it on my bag la. So I can see it everyday. If hang on the phone, I scared I might lose it.

A small box in the big box

A pen... all three of us (Esther, Chooi Yin and I) got the same pen but different color.

Its actually quite short as you can see

Once you pull it. It becomes longer. Erm~ as in the normal pen size la...

Love the pen, Shiu Li. Gonna use it for piano teaching for sure. *hugs*

The last thing is the one that I like the most

Shiu li said that its a notebook but I think its more like a diary. Hmmmmm~ Its been years since I wrote in my diary. I guess ever since there's a blog I no longer write my feelings in the diary. I guess I should start writing my diary again.

So sweet the things on the pages. Its different for every page.

There's also writings that mean a lot in almost all the pages. You know some notebooks/schedule books/diaries have really meaningless words written inside. Like the ones in my schedule Go Go Go. Go to the trip~! So wth right?

If you can't read what is written, lemme type down what's written. Super meaningful.

喜欢一个人, 总是为对方而笑,总是为对方而付出,喜欢一个人,总是为对方写下自己的心情。

Erm... sorry I don't know how to translate some words. So if you can't read Chinese, I'm sorry. Can someone please translate it?

ONce again, thanks Shiu Li!!!! I love it a lot a lot!!!


Today I went to Popular and bought some books. Its been awhile since I last read books. I think since form 6. God that was long. So I decided that I should read more books.
Technically, Vivi's a magazine and not a book. Haha~ But I can't live without that dose of Vivi.

Namie Amuro on the cover. So nice her new hairstyle!!! Looked so much younger. I can't even recognize her.

Saw Oprah introducing this book on her show quite long ago. And there was even the movie out on Hallmark Channel but I did not get to watch it. So decided to buy the book to read it. HEard that its quite sad. I love sad stories. I have no idea why. Haha~

For those who doesn't know about this book. Its For One More Day by Mitch Albom.

I think I read Tuesdays With Morrie(other book by Mitch Albom) before when I was in Form 6. But I couldn't really remember. I also watched Five People You Meet in Heaven on Hallmark Channel. I slept off halfway. Haha~ Gonna buy both books the next time.

Mitch Albom is actually quite young you know? And quite good looking. Tak sangka someone so young could write something so wonderful and sounds so real. It is real arh? Hehe~ I haven't start reading so I'm not sure if it is. Will tell you guys when I start.

The next book that I plan to buy is Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. Also introduced by Oprah on her bookclub. Its already made into a movie but I don't think they showed it in Malaysia. The storyline sounds interesting so I'm gonna read it.

I plan to take up on reading like I used to back in high school. I think the reason to why my English is getting worst is because I stopped reading. Sigh~~~~ I think my Chinese improved more coz I've been reading more Chinese books than English. Apa nie? HAha~ English ed tukar to Chinese ed.

K la.. Gotta go teach piano d.


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