Friday, September 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

On Wednesday, we had our annual Raya visiting to the only closest Malay friend we had left *sob*, Umie's house.

I had my piano lesson before that so I had to wake up at freaking 7.45am to get ready (to shower, makeup, blowdry my hair, dress up...)

Wore the same dress I wore for the anniversary celebration coz its not in the laundry basket yet.

Did you realize there's a black stain on my nose? Bloody eyeliner stained my finger and I rubbed my nose and its there. T_T

But managed to remove it la...

No wonder I was late for class. Hahahahahhaha~ Sempat camwhore kao kao summore.

After class went over to Anu's but the doors shut tightly. So I thought she was not home and waited outside for the others to reach.
The sky looked fabulous. Like a cloudy lightning hitting the roof of Anu's house. Or is it blessings flowing from heaven. Hehe~

Got bored while waiting and camwhored a bit

Gosh!!!! When is Deepa gonna reach? Her reaching soon never seem to reach. Haha~

When all came, we went straigt to Umie's house.

Goodies which I love. The top photo was the one that I loved the most. Couldn't stop popping them. Nearly finished up the whole box. Hehe~

Before leaving we went out at her yard to take photos. Her yard was amazing k?
She had a cage for her lovebirds and hamster. And the hamster had a freaking big pair of balls. The three of us was looking at it feeling awed. Haha~

God! I slouched like Hunchback of Notredame.

This poor bird lost one of its legs and also its partner. The only thing it has now is this coconut.

Then it was group photos time!!!
Hahahahahahahahah~ Cannot tahan this photo. I tak sempat wanna sit so I squatted. So I ended up looking like I was taking a dump and oh so vulgar. Haha~

This one I was ready but still so vulgar. Hahahahahahaha~

Finally sat properly but the fringe made pasal pulak.

Favourite photo =)

Not candid but look at Deeps' eyes. Stim nye... Hahaha~

Should have taken a photo here. So profile pic-ish. HAha~

Yang and Syahirah which we had not met for ages came and we took photos with them too. But look at my face. Hahahahahahaha~ So gorgeous.

Thanks to Umie's bench which worked as a very useful prop. Haha~


LEft Umie's house and went to Dataran Pahlawan to shop for a bit then end up in the same bubble tea store we went the other day.
Ordered Honey Green Tea this time. Honey too light and the tea was too strong. Not that good. Maybe it was the person who made it's fault la.

Ended that day and rushed home coz I had to work at 7.30pm. Manatau the student decided not to come. Should have linger longer in DP. Sial betul.

ANyways, bought something again...
Makeup Brushes Set

Decided to act professional so bought it. HAha~ THe prob now is I don't know what's the use of more than half of the brushes.
I know this is called the eyeshadow applicator

These are for your brows

This is blusher brush I guess. Coz there were like a few that looked the same.

But never mind la. Shall do research and find out about them brushes.

Haha~ I think I should have learned beauty instead of music la... Maybe I could graduate with first honors. HAha~

ITs comes with a very convenient bag. I can bring it anywhere I like and act professional. Haha~

Borrowed the Twilight series from Deepa to fill up my boredom. MAnatau she doesn't have the first one which was Twilight. HOw la wei? I didn't watch the movie wei.

Anyways, will get my ass into these books as soon as I finish DRama Queen which started to get interesting d. Coz the bitch flew to Ireland. Ok, nobody knows what I'm talking about. HAha~

K la... Gotta go. Student coming in soon.



Ann said...

eh i downloaded the 1st twilight if u want.. give u when i meet u la.. hahaha..

Fiona Tay said...

lately, your blog is filled with more than 20 pictures in one post. My GOD!

and very slow, cant' see all pics yet :((

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Ann: Oh please do.

Fiona: So sorry. I've already put them in the smallest size


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