Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday evening at the beach

Warning!!! 213 photos and some very lame anigif files ahead. Proceed at your own risk. =p

Day 1: Arriving at PD Perdana

Too long tak jumpa dy... miss him too much to let go of him. Hehe~

They were singing some songs and CY was super emo. Check out his face. Hahaha~

Jacy and my bed in our room. We were the only two girls at the trip so we get to choose the room with the attached bathroom but damn it the toilet has got no hot water shower. The guys' toilet has got 'em. T____T

The beds are extremely comfortable and the air con was even better than the one I had in my room.

*Thumbs up for Ah Teck*

Rest for a bit then we went to the Bazaar Ramadhan near town... Jacy and I was super excited. LOL.

Finished buying my food and was waiting for JAcy to buy Putu Piring.

Sinren and my food... quite a lot right? Our budget was RM10 per person. I used all RM10. Not sure bout Sinren 'tho.

Tired nampak...

Chillaxing after dinner...

Look at my neck!!! I had Martell last night at Han's and look what it did to me. It was only two small mugs k? T_____T Thank God it was not itchy la...

Habis emo dia tidur pulak. Macam babi nie. Finish dinner then tidur.

The guys was watching Crayon Shin Chan and Doraemon after dinner. It was quite lame but I don't know why they were laughing so happily.

They played Chor Dai Dee and 21 Dian while I just look nie. Coz I don't know how to play 'em. They gave up teaching me after a few times. Haha~ I'm totally helpless in playing card games that need brains.

Ney was having a little eye-ache and was sleeping on my lap.

Then they played something that I know how to play, Donkey. Yay!!!!

Don't know why in every picture sure got someone blur out one. Haha~ Too excited punye pasal.

Do you realized that there's something white on Ah Teck's face? He lost for two times and the punishment is Colgate on the face. Hahaha~

I didn't lose at all. Hehe~ No colgate on my face. =p

We also played Heart Attack but I pulled out after awhile coz my hand kena pukul until damn pain d.

Went into my room to camwhore a bit. Haha~ The cap's not mine. Joseph asked me to wear it don't know for what. So I decided to camwhore with it la...

Joseph also asked me to wear his mum's GA sunglasses. He is one weird boy. Kept asking me to use his things. Haha~

Day 2: Being all touristy around PD
Woke up late (only Jacy and I were late la... Our alarm clock didn't ring) but managed to reach church on time for service. We were one of the earliest at church k? So tak sangka. We thought we were late

Went for lunch at this chicken rice shop owned by one of the church members. The tofu was super fabulous!!!

We had two group photos on our side coz the first one was a bit blur.

Neney went to the toilet when we were taking the group photos. So he had to take two solos of his own. Haha~

Joseph had to pump petrol before we start our touristy mission.

Neney helping out

Me waiting in the car while the rest was doing something else.

Our first destination: Kota Lukut and its museum.

Jacy acting all ganas...and JAck being gay. Lol

Everytime at our trip sure got somebody acting gay one. Tak faham... *genting trip's gay*

The guys were shouting: "Naik stairs also wanna take photo meh?"

Kota Lukut was a fabulous place to make music video. I was singing Kuch kuch Hota Hai the whole time and dancing. Hahahahahahah~

The museum was super boring. Wasted time walking all the way up and going to the museum. The hills lagi teruk. Got no fort like they said there is. Liars!!!

Some of them went up to the hills while the rest of us sat in the car and played with multiple shots.

Hahahahahahahahah~ Damn lame la we all. But it was damn fun. I love multiple shots.

Second destination: The Army Force Museum

Reach the museum nie you can see tanks and airplanes used by the army force.

My "apa nie" face coz Jack failed to take a picture of me poking the airplane after I was posing like 5mins.

Damn long ok? I posed like giler than he asked: "How to use your camera arh?" Then he snapped this. Haha~

Jadi also at last...

Haha~ JAcy trying to be the cannon ball.

The boys were like super excited to be at the museum. It was like a little playground for them.

See la... how gembira they playing with the guns.

I think if you sit this beca during the war, you'll go deaf coz the cannon right beside you wei.

Jacy was all grumpy coz she was not really touristy. Hehe~ Jack loves to kacau her.

Damn busy trying to see how it works. If they could really shoot the thing, I think they will go crazy man. Haha~

The guns had mirror at the side. Good for camwhoring. Hehe~

Bye, Jack... Don't forget to write...

I'm leaving on a coal train... lol~

What is Alor Gajah (Melaka)'s train doing in PD eh?

Jacy and I found a ride

It was all tanks after the guns. The guys was super excited to explore 'em tanks.

Climbing in and out like it was their own.

Actually it was really crowded in the tank. The armies must be super kao uncomfortable in the tanks lor last time. Unless they are like super thin la.

They locked Xin in the tank. So he had to come out from the top. Hahahahaah~

Jacy started to act touristy and climbed into one of the tanks to explore.

Wah~ she can fit into the control part ler...hehhe~ Damn mean aku.

Camwhoring with the tank behind of me =)

Failed camwhoring shot but I wanna show you guys the white tank. I thought tanks are all in camouflage print. Tak sangka got white tank ler...

Another of our ride...

Thought can drive...manatau don't have sterring wheel. Haha~

Oi! Get out of my way la... I wanna drive this tank away.

We damn tired of exploring all the tanks coz there was too many. Damn tiring ok?

Mat Rempit #1

Mat Rempit #2

Mat REmpit #3

Mat Rempit #4: Trying to act all Terminator

Mat Rempit #5

TRying to understand the sign but couldn't. Must be military language.

All the guys with the huge airplane

All the girls (which are only two la...) with the petite helicopter

Showing some love to the army...before entering the museum. (We explored the whole museum's park but did not enter the museum after about an hour. Haha~)

Those who shed their lifes for the country.

The CPM Tunnel...CPM was the communist group in Malaysia.

Scary tunnel

The lonely communist...haha~

Saluting the communists???

Bras and boxers which were used by the communist. There were also handmade pads. But I did not take 'em pics.

The bicycle used by the Japs to come to our country. *amazed* O_o

My affairs with the armies. Hehe~

Went back to change into our swimming/beach attire and hit down to Selesa Beach.

Jacy found some seaweed to play with.

Ney dear can't wait to play in the waters

Jack can't wait to play Captain Ball.

CY can't wait to make sand castles

Teck can't wait to fly kite

Good job, Teck!!!

Multiple shots time...

I think jumping shots are better with only three shots. None of our camera had the three shots setting. So that's why after jumping there's some extra walking action. LOL

Shaking it good...hhahahahahahha~ Jacy super into shaking arh... Hahahahahahahaha~

Sinren's fat tummy. Hahhahahaha~

Two gila babis jumping around

Tired dy ker?

Went to kacau him

And decided to lie down coz the weather was damn fabulous. Can't resist to lie down.

Kepoh nie Ah Teck nie. Wanna fly kite, fly la properly. Lie down on other ppl's ass pulak.

The guys started playing Captain Ball. Too tiring for me so I passed.

Happy nye CY...

Then it was football...

I wanna try this so badly. But I'm quite afraid of heights. I might end up screaming and crying up there. Haha~

Name on the sand...

Footprints on the sand...

Thinking whether to hit the waters or to lie down on the sand

Had not come to a decidsion yet...

We did enter the waters la at last. Played Monkey in the water and had a screaming good time.

Then we went kayaking coz it was the cheapest. Jacy and I wanted to play Banana Boat but it was freaking RM100 for one ride. =(

Then I was sea sick half way through kayaking. Had to come back to shores. =p

Buat malu ajer...sikit sikit sea sick

Had to lie down coz was feeling a lil dizzy.

It was freezing so I had to wrap myself with towels.

The fabulous view from where I laid

The rest of them came back from kayaking and started to build a fort with tunnel connecting one and another. I think they were too into the tunnel at the Army Force museum.

The tunnel they dug

Neney was digging a tunnel as well. Erm... not a tunnel actually. Just a hole.

Quite deep arh the hole...

They were diggin a bigger hole to "tanam" somebody in and CY was lying there as a point of measurement.

CY's brother kena "tanam". Hahaha~

My manly legs on the sand

Witnessed the sun setting. It was damn beautiful... Gosh! I love the sea. One day I'm gonna live by the seaside.

Artistic shots of people...

I love the sea...

Look at the arrow... Jack and Hong was kayaking there.

They kayak-ed damn far ok... and kayak-ed over the time limit (which was only 30 mins). You guys look at the following photos and make sure you guys find for the red arrow coz its them.

They were like kayaking towards the island nie... haha~

Coming back...

Jack said the workers drove speedboat to them to ask them to return. But Hong told them that they don't want. Haha~ WTH betul.

This was taken when the sun was about to set. Jacy wanted to poke at the sun before it sets.

They "tanam-ing" Jacy's leg in the hole Sinren dug. LOL

Haha~ Look at her face...

Her leg kena "tanam" then they drew a chicken leg to replace her original legs. Haha~ Damn stupid

Budak return from kayaking terus lie on the sand. I thought he gila d. Manatau...

He was doing this sand angel...

Jack drew the wings to make it more obvious.

It got dark and before leaving they took multiple shots summore. Coz it was dark, they played ghost/zombie/momok. Haha~

Sorry the quality was bad coz it was taken with my phone and the only source of light was Joseph's car light.

Went back to shower and found out that my 大姨妈 (dai yi ma= big aunty=period) came. Sial man. I didn't even feel anything. And it came early. It was not supposed to come now. I didn't bring any pad or whatsoever. Had to go buy at 7-11. And becoz of that Sinren spoiled Joseph's car plate. Stupid fella said its too dark and bang right into another car. Thank god nothing happened. Just the car's number plate crack nie.

Went for dinner at this nasi lemak place. The nasi lemak and satay was fabulous.

The kambing satay tasted like lamb chop sial. Damn nice. And the nasi lemak you could choose what type you want. Either chicken, beef, clams or sotong. Mine (in the photo above) is sotong.

Wanted to eat seafood but the stall that our home stay owner recommended was not open. Damn sad k? I wanna eat sotong bakar so badly.

Went back after dinner and continued some multiple shots. Haha~ It was too fun la... Lame and fun.

Jack was doing the "s" dance that Jacy taught him. But this one done wrongly la. No "S" shape at all. His back was too stiff.

Mine is just a no brainer one la... Haha~

Day 3: Back to Melaka

Crazy people had KFC for breakfast. Haha~ Its bcoz we had extra money from fund. So we decided to eat something good. And there's not seafood in the morning. So KFC la...

Don't ever try the shrimp stix (as seen on tv) at the bottom. It sucks. No shrimp taste at all.

Before leaving our homestay, we played with our phone's camera's special features kao kao. This Jacy had never used her phone's feature ever. I had to show her how to use them all. (Both our phones are Samsung. So can teach her)

This one above is her doing 喜。怒。哀。乐。(Joy.Anger.Sadness.Happiness)

HAHahahahahhahahahahahahaha~ DAmn handsome la Jack...

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahah~ Afromen...

CY and JAck got married. Hahahahahahahahahah~ Apa nie. JAck's head didn't fit into the frame. But his face damn 欠打. Haha~

This two memang the best multiple shot fella la...

Group photo before leaving. Nice but I covered Sinren. Sorry...

Taken by our homestay's owner... nice but not my favourite...

That was my lovely weekend. I thought it was going to be bad. But it turned out damn nice.

Thanks everyone who made it so nice. Hope that its nice for you too.

Looking forward to our next trip. Probably Cameron or Gopeng. Can't wait can't wait.

K la...

Shall blog again when I have something to blog.

See you guys...


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