Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 500th post

This coming Saturday I'm gonna host a halloween potluck (I think I mentioned this 2 thousand times here LOL) at home. Since its Halloween, we're gonna dress up a little.

I was thinking about either dressing up as a vampire (Twilight fever) or a witch. Coz both are very dangerous but yet so beautiful and also I don't wanna dress as something ugly. Haha~

In the end, I've decided to dress up as a...
Witch...yes this is a witch. Its from the game, Bullet Witch.

I've never played Bullet Witch but I've got the idea googling "beautiful witches". Coz when you google "witch", ugly witches with ugly nose came out. HAha~

Anyways, I've studied her look for quite awhile d. So I'm ready to re-create her look on this Saturday. Not exactly alike but taking in some of the important points.

Basically, I'm gonna wear a black top and black skirt. And put this silver thing in my hair. And shimmery smokey eyes is needed.

What are the rest of you dressing up as, gang? Leave a comment or if you have no idea I could give you some suggestions. =)


My godma's wedding is coming next month. Its the other wedding of the year that I've been participating the whole time.

I'm going to get a new dress for the wedding and tried looking thru Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan.

There's this new awesome clothing store in Dataran Pahlawan called Ming Concept and I felt in love with all the dresses there. They are very nice and good in quality as well. And the most important is the prices are quite reasonable.

I found this peplum dress that looks something like the one above but in black. It was gorgeous I tell you. I didn't try it coz I was contemplating whether its a good idea to get a low back dress. Coz I have lots of acne on my back. (T^T) Sigh~ gonna try it the next time I'm there la.

Anyways, yesterday I passed by Ming Concept again and there's new awesome-ness stock. But I did not go in to the shop coz I was too hungry to function. And by the time I finished eating, the gang and I had to rush to Brands Outlet to help Buvy choose some clothes.

Sigh~~~~ Will get there the next time I'm at DP.

There's another thing that I saw on somebody's blog and wants to get recently and its...

OMG!!!! Super awesome right? Can anybody tell me where to get this? How come there's no Lilo and Stitch edition. I wanna get it sial. Seriously.

Ok this is also just a short post coz I'm feeling terrible today. I fought with the bf. For nothing. Haha~

Before I end the post, here's a few photos I took on Sunday when I went swimming. No photos of me. Just my dear lil Bernice, the new posing queen. HAha~

So damn cute right? Hahhahahahahahahahaha~

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