Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beginning of Project 365

Gonna start my Project 365 today =) For those who wants to know what's Project 365, click here *click*
#1 (101009)- My student's throwing tantrum by not playing the piano but putting her hand the keys and staring at the piano the whole class.

She can stare all she wants. Coz the money just goes into my pocket all the same. Haha~

Its not that I didn't want to comfort her. But she had been throwing tantrum for weeks already. For nothing she'll cry for the whole class. At first I thought it was my fault for being too strict. But after a few weeks, I guess not.

My centre's owner's grandson. So cute. My work ended. So waiting for my parents to come to pick me up for dinner. I played with the kid.

Mum and dad picked me up and we went for dinner at this restaurant called Xin(or is it Sin) Garden at BB Plaza, Bukit Beruang.

Changed my hair's parting (to the left) that day. Looks weird. So I changed it back to the right side.

This was the appetizer they served us. Some sort of beans. Taste delicious!!!!

While this is the appetizer we ordered. Its chicken floss with fried brinjal strips. Not bad. For somebody who doesn't eat brinjal, this was something nice and edible.

Next oyster omellete (did I get the right spelling?)

That's the oyster pointed with the black arrow.

It was not the best oyster omellete I've tried. The best was the one I had few years back at Perak. This one tasted blah. And the oyster had sand in it. Hate it!!!

Claypot tofu

Tasted better ones.

KAngkung belacan

Not the best I've tried the one at Heritage (another restaurant at Bukit Beruang) was better.

So the verdict for this restaurant is below average. Only one dish, which was the brinjal one, was tasty to me. Others one I had tasted better.

So I don't plan to go back to the restaurant again. Heritage's still the best.

The only other thing that I like about the restaurant is its ceiling...
Like I'm in the outer space.


Sunday morning I was not feeling all well so I sat in the babies' room at church. So I spend some time with the babies...

Cut Bernice off coz she looked ugly. Sorry ya... hehe~

After work and dinner, I called Joseph and decided that since we're not going for bowling we should go cycling. So we did.

#2 (111009)- Ended up in Joseph's house and played with Bernice the whole night. Hehe~

So much for losing weight by cycling. All I did was cycle to his house which was not really a long distance away. Haha~
HAha~ She got scared when she saw this photo of her. She told her mother: "鬼。。。怕怕" (ghose...scared scared)

Life is just working, cycling, watching tv and blogging. Boring... But that's just working life la... Thank god the Ngs stayed near by. I could go there anytime to hang out.

I'll try to blog once a fortnight. And keep it as interesting as possible k?

Gotta go la....

See you guys soon...


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