Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dinner with my gang

#3 (121009)- Dinner with The Gang at Red Island BB Plaza

Those who came that night (from top to bottom): Bu, Ann, Puff, Moi and Na =)

The Drinks we ordered (from top to bottom): Bu's Second Heaven (tasted like sugus), Na's longan, Ann's coffee I think....coz I forgot, Puff's Sunshine (best of all) and my MIA Sprite.

Puff ordered fries for all of us and Springy Noodles which was actually Maggie Mee. Come my house I cook for you free la Puff. Nicer lagi.

My New Zealand Lamb Chop. Buvy also ordered the same one

I love the mushroom sauce coz it made the lamb chop tasted better. Without the sauce, I think the chop was nothing special.

Ann and Nana's chicken chop... Forgot if I tried it. Haha~

Ann loves to ruin my life. So I had to censor myself. Hahahahahahahaha~

Bloody cups covered my pretty face. Muahhhahahahahahahahahaha~

Susah payah I posed at the side but I was not in the photo. Hmph!!!!

I passed the camera to Bu to ask her to take all of our photos with her long arms. Manatau I forgot to switch off the self-timer mode. So she held the camera for 10 secs until this pic was taken. Hahahahahahahahahahahahha~ We couldn't stop laughing. That's why all of us looked so happy.

That night ended after a round of laughter and lots of gossips. I think we made the whole cafe so noisy man. Summore scared people who were sitting near us. Hahahahhahaha~

Can't wait for the next gathering. =)

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