Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need more attention span!!!

I have no photos to post up today so I stole some from FB. Hahha~

OMG I looked so bimbo in this photo. And only the guys were ready for the photo. All the girls are like doing everything else other that taking the photo. Haha~

Nice...but I looked as if I'm forcing Neney into the photo. Haha~ But still very nice =)

I like the background in this photo. Don't know why.

My favourite photo of me girls. And no, I'm not playing favouritism by enlarging the size of the photo. I forgot to resize.

Nana, I don't think its bad for having three cameras la. At least I have spare photos in case mine look like ass. Thank god for you guys at least I could have these perfect girls photo. =)

Close up of the neoprints taken by nana...
Peace to the aliens yo!!!

These two are seriously my favourite. Love the background.


Lately I've been trying to do more piano practicing coz the Beethoven piece that I'm playing is quite technical. I need to focus a lot. But then my attention span is terrible. Its like the attention span of a five year old. Haha~

I can't sit still even for 30 mins. Every five minutes I'll get not focus and would run about to do other stuff other than playing the piano.

Sigh~ Can anyone suggest a way on how to expand my attention span?

I really need a way to focus. Coz the Beethoven's progress is too too slow.

Stressful things aside... I'm really excited bout tomorrow and Saturday. Can't wait for BB's arrival and also the Halloween party.

Check in soon to read about the party. It'll be great...i hope. =)

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