Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loots and Project 365

#4 (131009)- Went shopping and here are my loots

My facial wash finished for quite a long time and for the time before I bought this I was using samples Chooi Yin gave me last time. So kesian. Haha~

Anyways, I talked about this facial wash in 6 Things video. They re-packaged the thing. I prefer this packaging coz it pumps out the right amount everytime. The old package was quite wasteful coz you might pour out too much at a go.

Ate at KFC and had to get the miniature Volkswagon Beetle. So damn cute!!!

Chose yellow coz this is the colour that I'm gonna get when I am rich enough to buy the lifesize version.

Now I have two yellow cars... Volkswagon Beetle and my Camaro

Bumblebee making friends with the Volkswagon. Maybe even flirting. He doesn't know the she doesn't transform like him. Darling... get her a the Sparks ler...

Too much Transformers up my head. Haha~

Bought a mask coz I just realized that my mask had already 2008. Hahahahahahaha~ Thank you Eevon for doing the post on Spring Cleaning. I wouldn't have check on this things if I didn't read her post.

Its a massage mask 3 in 1. It could be used as a peeling mask, normal put on the face mask and also sleeping mask.

Those who don't know what is those three masks, please ask me. I think most people knows.

Bought the mask in Etude House and got another Lee Min Ho folder for free. Hehe~

Now I have two Lee Min Ho folders. =) One cute version (got this last month when I went to KL) and the other cool version. Love love love.


Rest of Project 365...
#5 (141009)- Broke my giraffe necklace's ring metal accidentally at dad's hardware store. Thought that I could never wear it again until I saw some metal wire lying around at dad's store.

Found a plier and started bending and voila! giraffe necklace could be worn again. =)

#6 (151009)- Teaching my four year old student, Khai Jay how to draw Minim Ds.

Its damn difficult to teach four year olds. I have two of them and its killing me.

Their attention span is very short so I have to like change an activity every 5 mins. But its fun at the same time. Coz they are so cute and say the darnest thing. Haha~

Schedule got more tight coz more students came in at Piano House. Tiring but I love it coz more cash comes in. The faster I can save for Taiwan!!!

Yea, I'm planning on going to Taiwan next year. But its not like I must go there la... Coz most of the time I'm determined things don't work out. So if I could save up to the right amount I would go. If not, then next time la.

K la... gotta go.


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Ee Von said...

you're welcome! hahah

seriously, my body butter made in 2001 freaked the crap out of me hahaha


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