Friday, October 2, 2009

Love Forest

So for our fourth anniversary celebration I did my makeup with a look called 恋爱森林/Love Forest (?). Those who are interested to learn it, here's how...

Start with a bare face. Ok... I cheated this was taken after I removed my makeup. Haha~

Then apply concealer on the above parts and even them out.... I talked about how to choose the right concealer for yourself in my other post. *check it out*

Then apply foundation/bb cream at those areas and even them out.

Gosh~ my face looked so weird here. Haha~

After all is tone is even =)

If I was to do another makeup post, I will not show these three steps d la. Coz always the same nie what...

OKay now for the eye makeup. To make your eye makeup long lasting, before applying put a eyeshadow base. I got this one from Beauticontrol.

Just apply it all over your lids. Its that simple.

Then take a brown eyeshadow. Mine is Estee Lauder's Chocolate.

Apply from the crease of your eyes to the place where your lashes grow. (Gosh~ I'm still not good at putting this thing in words. HAha~) Just like in the photo.

Then use a blue colour like the one in my Renommee Cool Quintet Eye Shadow Pallete (the middle one)

Apply to the crease of your eyes like in the photo

Then use the green like the one from my Cool Quintet pallete (2nd from the right) to sort of line your lids with it.

Also line your lower eye with the same green.

Then apply eyeliner and curve up a bit at the end to create cat eyes~

Draw the lower eye and connect it with upper eye line

Highlight the tip of your eye with a white eyeshadow.

Apply mascara and in this photo above is to show you guys the importance of mascara. It "opens" up your eyes.

In case you didn't know the right one is the one with and the left one is without.


ITs a look showing blues and light glow of green for your upper lid and green on your eye lid. Suitable for morning and also night.

Go on and try it =)

p/s: I just realized I spelled "palette" wrongly. Oops! Hehe~

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