Monday, October 19, 2009

No bindi for my diwali this year

So Friday was working day. I had to get to work like usual before going to Puff's house for her Deepavali open house.

On the way to work

At work...and yes I do have a student beside me while I'm camwhoring. Hyukhyuk~

My student, Sarveson who was doing his theory while I camwhored.

Rush back after work to grab my camera coz I left them in my room. Stupid betul! And then went to Puff's house. I was late for once. Yay!!!

Those who went to Puff's house that night (from top to bottom): Ann, Peili, Anu, Nana, Simmy and I.

I was fighting with Ann over a cup of orange juice and she threw a part of a brinjal into my 1/4 left orange juice. F U Bitch. I could still drink it you know... Just too shy to do it in front of a new member a.k.a Simmy. Haha~

Having fun with my phone's camera's funny features. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha~

If case you guys can't see, due to lousy resolution. Its Anu on top and Puff at the bottom. Haha~

Camwhoring moments began after dinner was done.

This was a semi-candid shot. I posed but Puff was not. Haha~ Why is she looking at me like that? Like full of admiration nie. Haha~

Puff asked me to take photos seriously. Hence, my serious face. LOL.

Ann took this while Puff and I was talking about somebody in the room. Haha~ Look at Puff's face. Super funny. Click to enlarge.

Ann!!! I want all the multiple shots you took!!!

Then it was camwhoring moment with Li. =)

Thanks for the gift from Sabah gurl...

Taken by Anu

Camwhoring with Anu.

The last one is my favourite =)

Ann love to take photos like this of me. Sial betul. One day I'll get you back you bitch!!!

I have no idea what they are looking at that made them so happy.

They were cleaning dishes while I asked them to camwhore together. Hehe~

Nope, I did not help at all with the dishes coz I hated doing dishes. Sorry. If you ask me to mop or sweep the floor, I will. Lalala~

Self-timer shots of us while Puff and Li was doing the dishes. HAhahaha~ Must make fun use of time. Can't waste it at all.

Group pic =)

#7 (161009)- Diwali with my BFFs

And gosh! I looked so pretty in this photo. *tak malu mode*

Another group photo but failed coz.... try to spot and you will know why it failed.

I just realized I was not the only one who spoiled the photo. Check out where Puff was looking. Why is she smiling at the wall. Did she something we didn't see? Yer... Hahahahhahahaaha~

Puff and Simmy

Blur Puff and Simmy

Took Puff's selendang to fool around and wanted to take a photo with Ann under it. Hahaha~ Stupid.

Ann and I taking the photos seriously. LOL Oh and half of NAna~

Will be seeing lots of photo of me with Ann. So I won't bother to caption them when they appear in this post k?

Blur pic of Anu and Simmy. The nicer one's with Nana I think.

Ann posing with a cup of coke. I have no idea who gave that idea but it was dumb. LOL

And I have no idea why I took so many photos of it. Hahaha~


I started sweating like mad. So I borrowed a clip from Nana and clip it up. Later I lost the clip. T^T So sorry nana...

Thanks Ann... I looked "gorgeous".

She even took a censored photo of me. I didn't post it up here coz its really R rated. Haha~ But its up on her facebook if you're curious.


Ann kepoh-ing again

Ann is like the behind-the-scene fella for all of my photos. Hahahahah~

Love both of these photos =)

Simmy, the new member and moi~~~~

Thanks for being a good sport bout the BFF thingy. Haha~ I think you looked gorgeous. LOL

All taken by Ann except for the last one. I took it. Hahahahaha~

Having some fun in Puff's bro's room. Love his blue wall.... So nice to camwhore. Haha~

Because we're Asians...we need to master the cute pose.

Me forcing Li to take photos with me again. Haha~

Two posers, Puff trying to touch my boobs, Peili being afraid of us and me peacing at something. LOL

There was fireworks that night. Puff's bro got it from sumwhere la...

The impact of the fireworks made the alarm went off. I only took one of it (they burned a few) coz after the alarm went off. I laughed like mad and my camera got a shock I think. I couldn't turn it to video mode. Haha~

That's all about Deepavali.

Did you guys had a great time during Deepavali? This was actually on the eve coz I had to work on Deepavali to replace the time I couldn't make it. Sigh~ But its ok. At least I had fun before that la...

K la... Gotta go... Chaoz~

Happy Deepavali to all Indian visitors. Love you~

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