Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing for Halloween party

#17- 261009 Rollers got stuck on Buvy's head. Hahahahahahahahahaha~ That looks so gay Buvy. Even for a girl. Hahahahahahahaha~

Went to Dataran Pahlawan to get some stuff for this Sat's party and had dinner with the gang *love*

Saw this new pet shop. New for me la at least. Coz I seldom goes to Phase 2 except to Daiso and FOS.

There's kittehs outside. And these two are too adorable coz they kept snuggling together.

But look at the thing I circled. Moron owner! Its a kitteh not a dog. And the "Adorable" lack an "e". Moron betul.

Went to take Neoprints as well. Melaka's neoprints are different from those expensive ones in KL. Not as nice as those but ok la... Just remind me to put on makeup before taking these.

When's the next time? It was fun taking with you guys.

This is one of my favourite!!!

Haha~ Funny naked aliens...

The other favourite

Didn't take lots of photos this time coz my camera was dying that day. Forgot to charge. Hehe~

Now for the buys...all things bought are for this Saturday. So could be quite boring.
Er...this is not for Saturday la... I just wanted to buy pink eyeshadow.

Got this from Daiso coz its cheap. Haha~ RM5 only mah...

But the eyeshadow is actually very good. The texture is creamy and long lasting (I know coz I started using d).
The swatches

Bought rollers to volumize my hair coz the top is too flat now that my hair's quite long d.

Rollers are good for camwhoring as well. Hahahhahahahahaha~

Went to Etude House again!!!!

Did you know that Lee Min Ho came to Malaysia to promote Etude? T^T I couldn't go. T^T So damn sad. But I heard on the news that he was acting like so snob. So didn't go also never mind. Hmph! But all this gossip where can trust right?

Bought this tribal nail art sticker coz lazy wanna learn how to draw. Haha~

Alicia from Bullet Witch is quite into tribal. At least that's what I observed la...

New nail colour. Its a blue-ish/ green-ish black colour. The name's hologram black. Super nice. Saw in on the website and decided to buy it. Gonna get the hologram purple as well. Coz its freaking nice also.

Bought this 4 packets for RM10. Cheap right? This is for decorating the porch on Sat.

Now i still need snow spray, tea candles and some stuff that I must DIY tomorrow.

Can't wait for this Saturday. But before that I've been having weird dreams lately. Yesterday I dreamt that my BB was not colour screen but black and white. WTH? So many weird dreams ler...

Before I leave, here's one makeup tutorial I did recently. First attempt oh! Its the makeup that I'll be doing for this Saturday to look like Alicia. Tell me what you guys think k?

Here goes...


trinatay said...

Dookie, the word on shirt is Loveable lar not Adorable lol..

And cuteee roller pic!

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Owh~~~ paiseh. Hahahahahhahahaha~


Buvy said...

dam i am now only seeing this it if i am one dun lah publish all..hahahahah


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