Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Godma and Godpa's wedding - Day 1

Hullo hullo~

So on Saturday my family and I went to KL to attend my godma and godpa (just recently promoted la)'s wedding.

A night before I started packing and do other preparations...
Amount of makeup that I packed

I packed two makeup pouches. And also another bag of toiletteries (which I did not take a pic of).

Its actually not a lot la kan?

And these are the amount of stuff I packed for two days and one night. Hehe~

There's my handbag, my clothes back with all my makeup and accessories and clothes, a plastic bag with some stuff, my blanket and tuki.

Also not a lot right?

I did my nails by myself ^^

Initially I wanted to do my nails at this parlor beside of my working place, Piano House at Malim. But then I didn't know that you had to make an appointment beforehand. I just walked in and asked if I could do my nails. The owner said they are fully booked until 7. =( Sigh~ I work until 7.30 and after that I had to go to church. So I didn't do any fancy nails. But I took a business card from them so that I could make an appointment next time when I wanna do my nails.

So I did my nails by myself using the nail colors that I have which was pink, maroon and some glitter nail polish. I had a lot of red and pink nail polish I have no idea why. I should get more colours la next time. I think I had a mint colour and gold colour nail polish but I can't find it anywhere. Shitz~~~

Sorry bout the blur pic. I forgot to take one with my camera. So you can't really see what I did.

So in the morning, I took a shower and got ready to leave...
Here's how I looked like in the morning.

Haha~ Curlers are to make sure my hair don't go to flat. It works but doesn't last long. I should have put the curlers in my bag and put them on during the ride to KL la. Stupid betul.

Speaking of hair, my hair looks ugly right now. Will go to a saloon soon.

Anyways, we supposedly wanted to leave at 9am. But because of a certain person, we left an hour late. -_-

Reached KL and everyone was busy dolling up...
My auntie who's our personal MUA doing makeup for another auntie. Hahahaha~

My Auntie Michelle (the one doing the makeup) was a MUA for RTM before she migrated to Singapore. She was the one who showed me how to do makeup properly (basically got me started painting my face) and gave me my first set of makeup.

She did the makeup for the bride that day and the rest of the family which was my popo (grandma Wong), my mum and Auntie Jo (the one in the pic)

The cameraman came and started taking photos of random stuff. I was free so I followed him around and took pics of things that he took. Haha~ 跟屁虫!!!
The wedding car...

They borrowed Uncle YK (Auntie Jo's husband)'s car for the wedding. Awesome five series (I know shit about series, Sinren told me one).

The flowers on the car

Esther!!! Your favourite flower!!! Hhahahahahahahahaha~

The cameraman must be very annoyed. Coz I followed him everywhere. But still smile at me coz he's just too nice. Haha~

The rings~~~

I was in charged of taking care of the rings. Had to guard it with my life. There will no rings exchanging ceremony if I lost them. So I'm quite ganjeong about it.

Camwhoring with the rings. =)

As you can see I've already dolled up. Nice not??? ^^

I was really happy that day coz a lot of people compliment on my makeup and my dress. And many people said I'm very pretty. ^^ Hahahahahah~ Don't puke its only the truth. Hahahahahahahahahahhaa~

My Auntie Michelle was like: Ei? Who did your makeup?
Me: Er... I did. Who could have climb in from the window and did my makeup? *everyone laughed*
Auntie Michelle: Wah~~~~ So nice. Like professional.


Dad wanted to take pics with me but clearly he had no idea where to look. Hahahhahaahah~

Told him where to look still can look at the side. Fail kao kao. Hahahahahahah~

To his defence, he said he heard the phone rang. What kinda excuse is that?

Nice one =)

But he said he's not satisfied coz his head senget. WTH?!? Haha~

Neney came =))))

Like so busy layan-ing the newspaper nie sampai tak layan me. :s

Went outside but the sun was too bright and we couldn't open our eyes.

But I like this pic. So nice right? And I look like another blogger who I stalk recently.

Everybody was ready and I saw something that I must camwhore with!!!
Do you see it in this photo????

I like this photo of me. Don't know why but I like it!!!

Kinda think of it, I love all the photos of myself on this day. ^^

Do you see it now???? Its kinda obvious right????

Please ignore the crown on my head. Haha~ I was playing princess with my bf. The amount of hair accessories my Auntie Michelle has is amazing. You can become anything instantly. I had one flower thingy headband on. But did not take any photos. It made me looking like a fairy. ^^

Do you see it now????

If you are blind or something, you will not see it.


I always wanted to see one real one. I mean I see it on tv and magazines on celebrities and models but not a real one right in front of me. Actually I've seen la. But had not touch it ever. EVER!!!

I don't think I can ever own this bag. Its so freaking expensive. And only taitais (rich wives) could own this (Well, which only mean one thing: my auntie is freaking rich!!!)

So I must camwhore kao kao. What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. I had a whole album of me camwhoring with it. Haha~ Ok maybe not that much la. But quite a number.

Sigh~ my auntie is so lucky... Maybe one day she'll pass it on to me right? Coz she always passes on her vintage bags to me. One day maybe she's sick of it d then she'll pass to me right? Right? Right? Hahahahaha~ I think I've gone nuts.

Ok resume to normal mode. LOL~
We had to leave to go to the wedding venue d. It started raining which was really potong stim coz it was all cold and wet. Not a very happy weather.

My oh-so-handsome bf *kiss* drove my dad's car and led the way =)

Uncle YK led the way at first but he kept taking the wrong road. We even turn into a no entry road and kena honk kao kao. Haha~ So he gave up and asked Sinren to lead the way.

Sinren didn't know the way actually but acting as the orang KL he had to lead it. Thank god the road signs were a lot of help. I helped too you know? =)

Reached the venue!!!

The place was freaking awesome. So damn beautiful. It was like in the movies. The perfect venue for garden weddings.

Can my wedding be held here please? I love it there.

Will tell you guys about this place later.

Sinren and I went to the toilet and after that. We started to camwhore a bit coz the place was seriously awesome.
Sorry bout this. We forgot not to take photos facing the light.

I love both of these photos. And lighting (natural lighting la actually) was awesome. I love the place a lot!!!

The bottom photo is now my fb profile pic. NIce right? ^^

Anyways the place that we're at is Carcosa Seri Negara. Its situated at Jalan Istana near the Royal Palace. This place is actually a formal British colonial residence. So its all very British-ish (haha~) and grand. You know la the British people right? Now its a hotel/resort and hosts lots of royal events for our Agung. *click here for details*

This is outside the toilet. Don't you think it looks awesome??? Like so Pride and Prejudice. Feel like speaking in ancient English. Hahahahahahaha~

The toilet was awesome as well. Very British-ish also. But I did not take any photos of it coz there's other guests there. HEhe~

Look at BF!!!! HAhahaha~

After that we were asked to get to the garden to help out.

The garden where the wedding was held.

Haha~ Mum was scolding for taking so long in the toilet in the first pic. And I took her pic. Effing funny.

Not intentionally actually. I just wanted to take the garden tent's pic. Haha~

Dickson, the page boy

So darn cute right? His nerd specs and everything. LOL

Now only I know that the one who holds the ring is called the page boy.

Shirley, the flower girl

I don't know what's she so bo song about lor. Who doesn't wish to be the flower girl? Complain this complain that. Give her one tight slap only she knows.

Some more no baju people borrow her she complain like one bitch. Thank God I am willing to borrow her mine. Or else she can walk down the aisle naked. Stupid young bitch.

Yes, that's all my clothes she's wearing. The dress and the cardigan. All mine!!!

Haha~ I'm not as thin as a primary school girl. The dress was stretchable =)

I'll make a better flower girl. Hehe~

All my cousins =) From left to right: Shirley, Becky, Ebbie, Christine, Jeremy, Dickson, Me, David, Ethan, Wei Xian and Beulah.

With the groom =)

Dad who is getting ready to walk the bride down the aisle

My dad was the one walking the bride down the aisle coz Grandpa Wong's not here anymore and coz he's the eldest male relative in the family. Uncle Paul could have walk godma down the aisle but he's the minister for the wedding.

Handsome nye my dad...hahahahahah~

Pastor Paul hosting the wedding.

While waiting for the bride to arrive, he kept the guests busy with his jokes. LOL

The very ganjeong groom. Hehe~

Why does the groom get so ganjeong before the wedding arh? Like always the groom will sit there feeling very restless. Why arh? What's the whole ganjeong-ness about? I mean you went through rehearsals what. What's to worry? The bride saying I don't is it? Haha~

Dad waiting by the stairs. Haha~ Why so serious????

I just realized that Dad was going to walk two people down the aisle in his entire life. Godma and me...sweet~

The in-laws.

From left to right: Godpa's dad (god-grandpa???), Godpa's mum (god-grandma???), Aunt Meiyin (Godpa's sis)

Our side of the family. From left to right: Uncle Lai Wei, Uncle Micheal, Auntie Theresa, Auntie Melinda, popo and Auntie Rose.

The beautiful niece/god daughter *tak malu again* and her handsome bf. Hahahahahahah~

Then the bride came. She was late coz the driver lost his way. Wahahahahaha~

Dickson is so effing cute la... Hahahahahahaha~

Everyone pulled out from playing Canon in D. So at last we used the CD. LOL~

The ceremony began =)

Poor kids had to stand through out the whole ceremony

CAnnot tahan la look at Dickson. So damn cute~~~

=) So happy to see them finally tying the know =)

Thank god I didn't get teary as I thought I would. Or else I'm afraid the makeup might run. But I tested at home (watched a really sad movie with full makeup on. Hahahahaha~) and the makeup was tear-proof so don't have to worry.

I was taking this pic and then it suddenly struck me. What am I doing standing here taking pics? I should be there snatching the bouquet. Hahahahahaha~ Even my cousin, Jeremy was like: "Run Dorcas!!! Go get that bouquet" Hahahahhahahahahah~

Sigh~ too bad la. Somebody else got it. Somebody who was married. Hahahahahahahah~ Looks wrong. LOL~

#43- 211109 The Wongs celebrate everything!!! Especially weddings!!!

Ney was not in the above pic so he took a photo of himself. Haha~ Scared of kena left out syndrome. LOL~

Then we had high tea in the drawing room. I have no idea what is it called the drawing room. Maybe the colonel drew in the room or something. LOL~
The awesome high tea tier. Its not free flow =( Should have make it free flow la. The food was awesome.

The food that I had...

The brown thing was awesome. I had no idea what it was. But it was this wheat thingy with cream cheese on top.

Egg sandwich was blah. Did not try the carrot slice coz Auntie Theresa stole it from me T_T.

The most awesome ones are the apple crumble, salmon sandwich and creme brulee. Super awesome stuff.

Scone...which I'm not a big fan of. But my other relatives were going crazy over it. Haha~

The world's best dessert...and this is the best that I've tasted!!! So damn nice!!!

And the salmon sandwich!!!! Its the shitz!!!!

Check out the salmon in it. So damn fresh!!!! I ate like three to four of it. Haha~ Too good d. Can't stop eating.

Awwww~ So sweet but where's the smile?

Mama smiled but what's wrong with dad? Hahahahahahahaha~

After eating, Sinren and I went around the drawing room taking photos. Yea, and madness was unleashed. LOL~

Love the stairs...

=) Thanks to the tripod and timer =)

This one was super funny. I asked Sinren to go to the higher place of the stairs while I set the timer. And then after pressing the shutter I ran all the way up. Hahahahahahah~ That's why I looked as if I was going to fall.

Love both of these. Taken by Wei Xian or David. Can't remember. Haha~

The first one is now my laptop's desktop screen. =)

Funny failed shots. Hahaha~

Lazy to caption coz we're just being silly while resting my poor feet from the heels.

Poor boy was standing there laughing at us but was never in the photo. So I grabbed him over for a photo. Manatau failed.

Oh...now she smiles.

Actually she's a nice little girl. Very cute as well. But when she's with her whole attitude, I felt like slapping her. I hope she'll never grow up like a bitch. Or else she won't have any friends.

Doesn't she look cute with that smile? ^^

So cute la his bunny teeth. Just felt like hugging him like mad. Haha~

Candid taken by Sinren. Nice~~~~

We went to the room that Carcosa gave complimentary to my godma. It was super awesome. seriously like those in the movies. I did not take any photos coz there were too many people in the room. Shy~~~ Hehe~

Could only camwhore in the toilet. Hahahahahahahahaha~

Sampat betul

Then we saw this alley at a corner and I suggested that we take multiple shots. Sinren didn't wanna do it with me so I asked my cousins to join me. Hehe~Shirley had no idea what was going on at first so she didn't do anything. Haha~ Look at your sampat blogger.

Took off my heels and acted sampat. This is what happens when you have to wake up at 6am and your brain is not functioning well.

They got the gist and started the craziness with me. LOL~ I sure know how to make kids happy huh? Hahahahahaha~

Strutting my stuff. Hahahahaha~

Saturday night fever. Lol I just realized that Shirley is imitating me. Hahahahahahah~

And that's the last of it. Hahahhahahaha~

Sigh~ which bf could stand a sampat gf like me? I think Sinren is the only one who will take photos like these for me. Others would just "WTH???? You sampat is it? Wanna take ask other people" That's why I love my neney so much. *muaks* Hehe~

Then we had to leave d.

She reminds me so much of her sister when she was younger. Y_Y I miss my bibi...

My other favourite cousin, Christine =)

We used to be inseparable. But I guess we grew far apart. =(

She's elder in months but I look so old beside her. =S

Becky who looks so gorgeous since she was a baby. *jealous*

Sinren and I took the long way (or is it the short way) and reached home faster than anyone else. So we sat outside of the house and camwhore summore. HAhaha~

Hehe~ Too much Twilight I think. LOL~~~

That ended the day actually.

Dad offered to send Sinren back to his house so we went for dinner at PJ State. OMG!!!! I miss PJ so much. And the duck rice brings back memories of uni life. Sigh~ I miss everyone... Do you guys miss me too???? Please say yes. LOL
I had headache after dinner. Must be because I did not have lots of water the whole day. Went back to godma's and showered and slept at 11 something.

Well, that's day one =)

Tomorrow I'll post day two which was the wedding lunch.

Not so much photos coz the lighting was not that good. But never mind la. Will post it up also.

K la...

See you guys tomorrow. =)


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