Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Godma and Godpa's wedding - Day 2

Ok now its time for Day 2. Even though something unexpected happened, I've decided to still post all the photos up. =)

So Day 2 of the wedding was the typical Chinese wedding dinner but did in the afternoon so its a lunch. My godma and godpa are very westernized and didn't actually wanted this. But godpa's parents insisted on this so they had to have it.

Its held at the Jalan Pudu's Hee Lai Ton and its just opposite of Times Square. And godma told me I should go shopping before the lunch since I did not shop the night before (some of them went Midvalley). But thanks to the jam I could not go =( Damn sad la right?

The door gift =)

With chocolates inside. But the chocolate was nothing like the one at John's wedding. EQ serves the best chocolates for their door gift.

My male cousins. From left to right: Dickson, Wei Xian, Ethan and David.

Its really difficult to take photos of Ethan and David without having them blur. They are like super hyper. All my family photos with them in it are blurred. Hahahahahaa~

Christine, Dickson and Wei Xian

Look at Dickson. He's like: "Wow~ Prawns!!! I want I want." Hahahhaahahhah~

Cutting cake and champagne time

The cake was fake. Sheesssh~ so potong stim. My wedding cake's gonna be real I tell you. Nothing fake allowed.

Nah~ Here's more of Shirley in case you miss her =)

She's clingy to me on that day. Kept holding my hand and wanting to go wherever I'm going. Sigh~ poor girl. She must really miss her sister. Do you miss her, Viv? I know you do too.

Wei Xian who lost so much weight that I barely recognize him.

Beautiful Beulah. She looked so damn hot la. My cousins are all so pretty and hot. I'm like so plain beside them T_T

Ok so the lunch ended like that. The food was good. Really really good and the red wine served was awesome.

Godma gave us an appreciation gift =)

#44- 221109

After the lunch, we went back to godma's and pack and was going to leave soon.
Quickly asked popo to take photos with me. Sigh~ too late coz she changed into home clothes d. I wanted to take with her in cheongsam.

Took one with godma too. They say that I look a lot like godma. Is it true???

Forgot to take one with Godpa. Hehe~

After that left KL...and I started to usual. HAha~

I seriously cannot stand my hair. Super ugly~

REached home and showered and realized the above horror

Thanks to the wine I have nice rashes all over my body. Its not that itchy this time. Just red all over.

And I was super tipsy. I slept a lot that day. Even halfway during the lunch, I was sleepy.

Ok that was the end of Day 2 and the whole wedding post. Yeap, day 2 had really little photos. Partly coz of the lighting was not that good. Another reason was I was tipsy. Haha~

Tomorrow I'll post some stuff that my aunty gave me. New cosmetics!!! Yay!!!

OK...see you guys.


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