Thursday, November 26, 2009

Goodies I've got last weekend =)

To end the KL post, I'm gonna post some stuff (makeup la actually) that my auntie gave me. I love meeting up with Auntie Michelle. She always have goodies for me. Hehe~ ^^

Anyways, on Saturday night I slept in my popo's room and was looking at all the photos that she had in the room and I saw this...
A picture of mum when she was younger. Hahahahahaha~ And there's also photos of my aunties and uncles when they were young. Looked so funny.

Mum looked so damn serious. Like she's gonna swallow people down her throat nie. HAha~

Who is this beautiful lil girl???


I think that I don't look chinese in this photo. Like some Eurasian or something. What happened after that? How come I don't look Eurasian anymore? Now I look like some Indonesian or something T_T

I have lots of kindergarten graduation photos. Coz my mum works in a kindergarten last time. And every year since I was three, I take graduation photos for free. Hahahahahahaha~

Ok now for the stuff that Auntie Michelle gave me...
Some stuff from Renommee and one from Estee Lauder =)

If you haven't of Renommee, welcome to the club. Neither have I.

I did a research but couldn't find anything online. Must be a foreign brand or something.

At first I thought it was just some sort of ciplak makeup or something (due to its name la...) but when I saw the price I was like "Woah~" The price is almost the same as M.A.C. man. How come I've never heard of it???

First thing is this Equalizer from Estee Lauder. I have no idea what the hell is it for. Can anyone enlighten me? I didn't ask my aunty coz I jumped off like mad after she gave me a whole lot of loots. Haha~

I haven't use it coz I'm not sure what to use it for. So please tell me if you know what it's for k? Thanks =)

Next is this mascara from Renommee. Its a waterproof and volumising mascara and its in blue. Auntie Michelle gave me an option of either the black colour one or the blue one. I chose blue coz I do not have any colored mascara.

On the box it said that it coats the lashes intensely, sculpting and drawing them out to maximum length, to accentuate eyes for that alluring yet natural feel and give eyes new depth. It also said that its supposed to be long lasting, waterproof and volumising effect whether to fine or short lashes without overloading it.

Well, I haven't try it. So I don't know if its true. Will talk about it again once I've tried it.

Then there's Renommee's Powder Blusher

There's no specific name for these two shades. But I think it suits me coz my skin tone need orange tones instead of pink.

This powder blush is supposedly to give a silky feeling and keeps healthy glow in your cheeks all day long.

Well, I tried applying them on my hand to see the swatches but I don't think its silky lor. Normal nie... as for the glow I'll have to use it on my face to know it.

Renommee's Two-Way Cake Powder Foundation in Tan

I don't really use foundations but the only one that I trust and love to use is Revlon's Colorstay Foundation which is awesome. So I have doubts about this powder foundation.

It didn't say how long it can stay on your face. Just said "your skin stays balanced and comfortable all day long". Unlike Revlon's Colorstay which state that they stay on your face for approximately 16 hours.

I don't know if I'll use it as a foundation. Maybe as a compact powder la...

That's all the stuff that I've got. Still not sure if its really good. But I will do a review on them soon after I use them k?

Anyways, I did not go to KL today and I'm damn pissed at both of my parents. Its so unfair of them to do this to me. I seriously hate it when they do this. Lesson learned: Never to trust my parents ever.

I'm so pissed right now I just feel like shouting the F word out loud.

You know Sinren had to waste his break because of this? Hell! I wasted my break because of this. If you don't wanna let me go, tell me earlier la. Gave me all this effing hope and then a day before told me I can't go. Do you know how I anticipated this trip there? Effing regret that I did not stay over on Sunday. F! F! F!

Its so effing unfair!!!!

I miss my neney a lot~~~~~~~ T_T

I've gotta go. Anger makes me cry.

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