Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Potluck

OMGoodness I took like two days just to upload the photos. Then only I realized that 200+ photos are really dificult to blog about. Haha~

Seriously it was that a lot. Of course it didn't come from only my camera but as well as from Ann's and Trina's. Mine alone is about 100+ and that was after a cut from 200+ that I took. LOL. Imagine if all passed. I would have 300+ photos to post.

So here you go. Hope you guys don't fall asleep reading. LOL

We started the night with our makans. Coz all of us were starving.
Wantan brought by TRina. There were two BOXES, of wantan she brought. One was with chicken filling and the other was pork. I preferred the pork one 'tho. I have no idea why.

Fried chic wings brought by Ann.

Sorry bout the blurness... Bee hoon brought by Liz. She also brought some choc cake which I've forgotten to take a shot of.

Jelly brought by Deepa

Erm... random shot of Liz with her Bee hoon. Suddenly nie she asked me to take it for her. Haha~

BRead to dip in curry (which I forgot to take a shot of again) brought by Buvy.

That's all the food we had. I didn't prepare any food coz they said I already host the thing. So I only made drinks which suck. Sorry people. I really can't make drinks. LOL.

After savouring the food we decided to play with my laptop's webcam. Actually we wanted to start our planned Chubby Bunny challenge (will explain this later) but we were distracted by the camera. LOL.

Scary photos up ahead. Well, its halloween so scary stuff is bound to happen la right?

These are actually not that scary la... It just made ur head looks bigger. Quite normal la kan?

This is also not scary. It makes ur lower face looked fatter. But quite funny la. Haha~

The horror begins now.... The pinching inwards effect seriously is super scary lor. But at the same time super funny la. SEe for yourselves.
Look at ANn!!!! Hhahahahahahahahahahahaha~

Looks like Buvy sucked my head into her.

The swirl effect made Ann and I Siamese twins.

Yer... I looked freaking distorted.

Good friends swirl together. WTH? HAha~

No, I did not forget to rotate. Its taken like this. HAha~

The highlight of the webcam session was this mirror effect that we loved so much. Super effing hilarious...

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaahah~ I love my girls. Only they will take ugly, lame and funny photos with me. HEHEHE~

Then it was all frames effect....our little own neoprint booth.

This last one is a no brainer. I was the pitcher and the rest are cheering on me...hahahahahahah~

Normal photos without any effects at all...

Then Chubby Bunny challenge begun. For those who didn't know, the idea of this challenge is to stuff marshmallow into ur mouth and see how many you could stuff before you hurl. Basically I knew I would lose coz I can put nothing in my mouth too long.

There was a video of us playing the challenge but it was too scary with a lot of hurling and shouting and bla bla bla... so I've decided not to post it up. Just photos taken by my friends...

Ann and TRina during the challenge. Can camwhore during the challenge summore. Geng arh...

Bu looked like she's gonna hurl anytime. Super serious can? HAha~

In the end, Buvy won. LOL. With 10 marshmallows in her mouth. Super impressive right? For those who would like to know, I only had three in my mouth and then I couldn't take it d. Loser betul.

Buvy freaking hated pink. Hahahahahahahhahahaha~

But her alter ego dracula loves it. See how excited "it" was. Hahahahahahhaha~ Mouth opened with excitement.

Were did the Bleu Wine came from? LOL

Buvy emo-ing over her pink vodka. Eh hello! At least its vodka and not some pink guava juice right?

Deepa, the charmed one silently took the pink vodka away while Buvy was emo-ing and the alter ego jumped out to rescue the bottle. "It" was willing to kill the charmed one to safe the bottle. WTF. HAha~

This is call "looking at the picture and tell story" (看图讲故事). LOL

Alice (of the wonderland) came to congratulate Buvy but the alter ego was too defensive. Thinking that Alice was here to steal the bottle.

Alice explained and all ends well. They became good friends.

Have no idea what to caption or crap about this three photos. LOL. Any suggestions?

Annie, the devil trying to snatch the bottle from Buvy's alter ego dracula...

But end up getting into a fight with The Charmed One. But she won coz the boob grab was too fatal. Hahahahahhahahahahaha~ The killer nurse wanted to join the fight but she doesn't know where to jump in. Haha~ Apa nie killer nurse. Trying to fit in is it?

OMG! This is so much more dramatic than Twilight. Hahahahahahahah~ But it doesn't make sense at all. Hahahhahahahaha~

Witch and Alice in The Wonderland.

Witch and the Devil

The Witch being afraid of the Dracula.

OMG!!! Super gorgeous can? Hahahahahahahahah~

Alice was friendly and made friends with everyone. Even that irritating Spongebob.

The killer nurse job was simple.... scare people.

If there is a best dressed for that night, I think NAna won hands down. Right???? Super scary can? Her makeup was scary and the whole dress thingy. Bravo Na =)

I was back late from work so did my makeup not that perfectly. I even forgot the mole. Sigh~ Could have done better.

Showing the dracula some love

As you can see I cut down on captioning coz its seriously very tiring.

Lovely group pic =)

#22- 311009 Great memories for our lovely friendship.... =)

Other group photos taken =)

Don't know what happened this photo made Nana looked freaking scary. Don't you think? Seriously like the undead. *shudders*

Thanks to Ann who made these lovely picjoke =)

We decided to head outside eventhough it was raining. Sigh~ the party was supposed to be outdoors actually. But it was raining.

Dracula looking cool...hahah~

The devil became hungry and wanted to bite me. Damn scared wtf. Haha~

Mindy, Liz's sister who came coz nobody was at home to take care of her.

If you're wondering why I kept holding the flower, its actually my wand. LOL

Everyone started to play with Buvy's cape...including myself.

Hahahahahahahhaahaha~ Too effing hilarious not to post up. Didn't want to coz I looked like ass. So censoring the face is the only solution. LOL

I call this the firebird. Hahahahahhahahaha~

Took a video of us introducing ourselves... Check it out...

After that we head to my room to take photos summore...hahaha~ Tak habis-habis.
My room's decoration. Haha~ The only use for the snow spray.

More group photos...

REmember this photo? Hahahhahahahahahahaah~ Everyone couldn't stop laughing at it.

They said it looked like a bapok. Haha~ STupid photo.

We left my house and went out to crash Puff's house party.

On the way there...

Boo!!! Puff turned into a monster. LOL

This was done with fish eye effect. Damn nice huh?

Weird way to take photos together. Haha~

AFter that we decided we should go for a drink at we head to town...

Had some real crazy fun in the car we took turns to scare the cars beside us during the red stop. Hahahahhahahahaaha~ Freaking funny to look at those people and their reaction. Non were scared really. They were mostly laughing or just staring in silence. Haha~
The monster on

That's me after scaring the car beside us... inside the mask was very stuffy. I felt like I was dying in it.

We went to Eleven Bar at first but it was too packed. So we ended up in Geographer's again...
Sorry I forgot a pic of Nana....rather forgetful that day. Hehe~

Did the loser sign coz we met somebody quite loser-ish that day...

OMG!!! THe nurse made out with the monster. Hahahahahhahahaahahah~ So saucy...

Nana attempting to close the monster's mouth...hahaha~

The Monster received a sms that gave her a shock.... (Again its story telling time. lol)

Please tell me what the sms is already... coz u looked really shocked...

-_- Super lame. Haha~

The drinks we had: (top to bottom) Tequila Sunrise and Corona.

Ann and Trina had Raspberry Esprit and Sprite respectively.

The tequila sunrise tasted more like juice. Not that nice. But it saved me from beer rash.

Cheers for friendship!!!

Wah~ monster also had a great time huh?

At about 1am, we finally went home coz parents started calling and bf started going mad. My bf too actually. Complaining that I didn't return his sms and made him fell asleep. LOL.
REmoved my makeup and lay down to fall asleep. Look at my eyes!!! They are freaking red coz my makeup remover finished and I had to scrub (overreacting!!!) my face and eyes with the facial wash.

Finally fell asleep at 2am.... Zzzzzz~

It was a simple but awesome party. I think I was quite under-dressed beside Nana, Ann and Buvy. Haha~ Next year I promise I'm gonna go all out.

So till the next party...
Happy Belated Halloween....and peace out.... hehe~


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