Friday, November 13, 2009

Monday Blues...NOT!

Last Monday went hanging out with Deepa and Ann. And we decided to catch a movie.

After not watching movie at the cinema for about a few months, I decided to watch a horror and it turned out spastic. Don't ever watch this movie unless you're a pervie and you wanna watch naked bodies and sex scenes.

I hope Megan Fox score for the worst actress for this. Its the dumbest movie I've ever watch. Thank god it was cheap.

Then we went to A&W to have a little snack...

#31- 091109 Yay for Rootbeer float and tripods!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahah~

Wafer with ice cream!!! Yummy~ Haven't had this since I moved out from KL. T^T

So damn hard to get the right angle ler... or maybe my camera just hates me. LOL

Forgot to set to timer and took this. Haha~

After eating we went next door to Ming Concept coz I had to go get a dress (ASAP) for my godma's wedding which was next week.
Didn't take a photo of the shop so I took the label that was on the plastic bag.

Looked around for a bit and went to the evening dresses corner to look for the peplum dress that I liked the last time I came there. But the black one was already sold. T^T The pink one looked too PINK for me. There's another one that looked quite nice but the price is way over budget for me. At last I decided to get more casual dresses because you can't wear evening dresses casually and you don't have weddings everyday.

So I chose this...
Yeap its a dress. The upper part is a white shirt lookey-alike thingy with ruffles and the bottom is green with blue stripes. It comes with a belt.

It made me look taller and hid my flaws (big butt and small boob...haha~). That's why I liked it.

The lady boss pair up a black belt for me and told me it'll look awesome with a pair of heels.

And yeap I bought. =)

So gonna go back to get my Christmas clothes if I don't find anything fabulous in KL.

Then we continued shopping both the malls and went for dinner at Kota.

By the time I went for dinner my flu was extremely bad d. And everytime I had flu I get sort of high, starting to forget where I'm going and stuff.
Wah so emo

I only took a pic of her and forgot to take one of myself and Deepa.

Food: My Sotong and Prawn with Petai Rice and Ann's Asam Pedas Rice. Deepa ordered Burger but it came late so I didn't take any photos.

After that I had to go home coz the flu was really messing with my head. And thank god I managed to drive home safely.

Now for the buys...Sigh~ everytime I go MP or DP I will burn a hole to my wallet. But this time its ok coz the others burn it with me. Wahahahahahahahaha~ So lonely la if I alone nie with a hole in my wallet.

For those who are not interested in the buys could go away now =p
From Daiso... loving Daiso more and more...

Cute lil bath a shape of a whale

There's so many cute ones that I have no idea which to choose. I wanted to take another panda one but that one looked too small for my body.

Don't ask me why I bought. Who doesn't shower right? I need it to shower la.

The funnies thing is this sign at the bottom of the packet. It said not to eat the sponge. I'm gonna take a munch on it.

And the whale looked so funny in the pic. Haha~

So darn cute =)

Now showering is more fun than ever. Haha~

I love the design on the mirror and decided to buy it. Its so Anna Sui-ish. Sigh~ no money to get the real Anna Sui stuff so had to buy ciplak ones. LOL

Both sides also got mirror...can feed my vanity d. WTH. Haha~

One of the mirrors actually magnifies but I couldn't show you guys coz I don't know how. LOL.

Bought a name card holder not to hold my name card la...I don't have one yet. Its to hold those that I got from people. I don't wanna put them in my wallet coz they will coz the wallet to be bulky.

Stuff from Watson's

Was looking for cheap coloured eyeliners. Japanese magazines recommended Fasio but I couldn't find Fasio anywhere in MP. Sigh~ Found out that its actually at Guardian's. Bleh~

Bought this In2it one. Don't know good or not.

Its lucky colour (so said the horoscope)

This other one changes colour at different angle. Erm... not exactly change la. Just looks different from different angle nie.

Can you see the difference?

I saw this item on Ee Von's video *click to watch* and decided to give it a try.

Just started using. Couldn't really tell whether it was good or bad. Will get back to you guys soon about this.

And these are freebies that Watson's gave me. Haha~

Remember I said that the lady at Ming Concept asked me to pair my dress with a belt? Yea, she did give me a belt to try it out but its not for sale. And all the belts in her store are so expensive. I can like find so much cheaper ones else. Like the one above...I got it for less than RM20. Those in the store is RM30 and above. Like wth???

That's the end of my buys.

I tried doing those Japanese hair buns. It was quite successful but was not secure enough. Some hair came off.

Looks like a mini bow up there. Nice???


#32- 101109 Good hair day... =) And the skin looked so get as well.

#33- 111109 Went to yamcha at Barkat Roti John with Jo, Joyce, Chris, Kelvin, Jack and his friend. Guess what I had.

Well, that's all for this post.

Friday suddenly became kinda busy for me. But its ok. Just keep 'em money pouring in. LOL. I need to patch up that hole I've made. Hahahahaha~

K la... Catch u guys next time.



Ann said...

isn't waffles n not wafer? hahahaha..

Ee Von said...

aaaah you got the sebamed teenage apt cream! i hope it works on you! i think you can even find fasio in parkson grand.

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Ann: CPP arh... cannot spell d. Haha~

Ee Von: Yaya. Its really good wei!!! It works. Woots to Eevon and the sebamed teenage apt cream!!! LOL

Jackline Koh said...

I'm using In2it too. I think it's good. U can draw very fine lines because it's not so pekat.

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Jackline:I personally think that in2it is not long lasting enough. After a few hours its gone.

Jackline Koh said...

is it ar? for me it's okay leh.. I'm using the brown one.. maybe the metallic ones are not long lasting kua.. but i haven't tried much other brands lah.. last time i used elianto and dunno wat other brand then i used this and i'm sticking to it already...

If it comes in pink said...

Love the whale:)

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Jackline: Owh~ I'm using Maybelline and KATE la... I think they are fine.

If it comes in pink: Thanks. =)


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