Monday, November 2, 2009

More preparation for Halloween Potluck

Another post on preparation for the Halloween party. When I get all the photos from everyone, I'll post it up. BTWs, it had been awesome!!!

Before going to the main point, here's some Project 365's photos...
#18- 271009 Wanted to create an evil vampire look but failed. Coz not evil enough. Should have seen Ann's vampire look at the party. *thumbs up*


My devil horns with lights!!!

Got this last year on Halloween week. Coz my cousin's son was down and he was making noise to get this from Jonkers. So my cousin bought it for his son and also for me. Yay!!!! =)

#19- 281009 Mama tried making kimchi on her own using Auntie Ng's recipe.

Was just as good. But was too spicy. Nearly died of swollen lips and burning tongue and throat from this. LOL

#20- 291009 My student brought these to class. Scare the hell out of me. I acted macho and snatched it from him and said: "NO TOYS TO CLASS!!!" Haha~ Was actually super scared.


So Friday I went to MP to get my BB but didn't get it. Apparently KL office haven't send it down. Super angry la. Then today I went to get it but felt so cheated. Sigh~ But got it already la... was satisfied but angry with Maxis for their lame plans. One year will pass and I will definitely switch to something else d la...

Anyways, didn't get the BB. So I went to Giant to get party stuff.

This is for the Chubby Bunny challenge of course.

I regretted getting so big marshmallows. No wonder I lost. Haha~ ;p

Pink Vodka for the winner of the Chubby Bunny challenge. I like pink that's why I bought pink vodka. ;p

I wished it was mine... coz the pink was so pretty. Gonna get it next time la... Wonder if it tastes good.

Bought tea candles but didn't use it because it rained and we didn't do the potluck outside.

Never mind la... Can use for the next party or something.

Snow spray...

I think I was cheated coz its so watery. But did an nice effect for my room's mirror for the potluck. Gonna use it again for Christmas. =)

Went to Jusco's arcade to let go of some anger and bought lunch. So damn awesome... Did "exercise" and ate nice food...haha~

Inari sushi

Salmon sushis...

Bought this coz apparently I heard this is the best Japanese mee cup. But nope. It was too salty. I hated it. Regretted that I bought this. Hmph!

Went to Body shop and decided to get a EDT coz I think I don't smell nice without any perfumes...specifically something floral.

After so recommendation from the sales assistant, I bought this Japanese Cherry Blossom one. Super nice!!!

After I got home from all the shopping, I did more spring cleaning around the house. And swept the hell out of my room (LOL)
This is all the dirt in my room. Super a lot ok? The rest of the rooms had only like 1% of what my room's dirt had. Haha~

After all the cleaning up.... so damn nice right? Heheheh~ I should do more cleaning in the future.

After the day ended, I realized there's a new bruise on my thigh. WTH???? Super big ok? But it didn't hurt. Weird how it got there.

I thought it was dirt at first kept wiping it with wet cloth. Haha~

Ok la... Next post should be about the potluck.

Check in soon =)

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