Monday, November 23, 2009

Pre-wedding post

Hey~ I'm back from KL. Actually yesterday night to be exact.

Edited all the photos from the wedding already. Will post it in three parts starting from tomorrow k?

Break had been sweet ^^

For the time being, here's some Project 365 photos that I left out and one new one. I thought I left out Sunday and Wednesday but I did take them. So here they are...
151109- Was sick but managed to take a photo while I was lying on bed. LOL

181109- Went shopping for some stuff and bought these cool "telephone cord" lookey-alike hair ties. Good grip really.

#42- 201109 Supper at Melaka Mall's McD with Jo and Jojo. Haha~ And I looked awesome without makeup that day. *kiss* Hahahahahahahaha~ Don't mind the bare forehead. The fringe is hideous for the moment.

Well, if you wanna check out the whole Project 365's photo I've taken so far. *click here* Coz its all jumbled up here. Its arranged properly in that album.

K la... Wait for tomorrow's post hor...


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