Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-cap of the past week

Yea re-cap of last week's happenings...using the Project 365 way.

On Sunday, went to SRJK Bachang to look at the community hall coz my church is renting that place for our Christmas eve celebration. We couldn't use our church its too small to fit everyone and the new building is not ready yet.

We, the youth, will be incharge of the celebration's full program. So Jacy and Fay, who are the main planners, had to be there to measure the stage and check out all those other stuff.
Took photo for fun...but it came out blur coz the lighting was not that good. Note to self: Use flash for all photos on Christmas eve. LOL.

The one with flash =)

We asked Li Yee to take these photos for us. John/Han being the loving husband he had always been. Told her to rest and took photos for us. The bloody fool did this...
HAha~ First he zoomed on Jacy's legs then on her face only. Sial nie. We pose like giler he only took Jacy's photo. If he wasn't married, people might think that he had a crush on Jacy. LOL

#23- 011109 Had a fun Sunday that day...filled with laughter and sampat-ness.


On Monday, went to Anu's dad's one year death anniversary prayer lunch with Ann.
#24- 021109 Had some pretty awesome Indian food.

Its not all nice to me la... some tasted pretty weird but still edible. Just that I couldn't take the weird drink and the sweet thing. But overall, I love Indian food. =)

Then Ann and I went to pick up my BB (big breast...hahahaha~) from Maxis MP. And we saw something quite interesting...
Ooo~ now we can know what's in Simmy's memory.

(-_-;) Hahahahahahahahhahahaha~

Coz waiting for the BB is a pain in the ass (we waited like over an hour...), we went around the mall and I got myself more makeup. Coz my makeup set is not complete yet. So gotta add more stuff to make it complete.

First went to Etude no actually we went to Sasa first. Coz I wanna check out The Balm. But didn't get anything because I don't need anything from there YET. But Sasa is going to be my new favourite place to shop coz they have so many things imported from Japan. How come I didn't realize this before?

So anyways, went to Etude House and...
Got myself a makeup remover AT LAST!!! I can't bare to rub my face any harder with the facial wash to remove makeup. It'll give me pre-mature wrinkles like hell!!! So decided to try something new.

But it sucked. Hurt my eyes like hell. Before this I was using Fasio's makeup remover and it didn't hurt at all. I was so butt-itchy for trying something new. Sigh~ Stupid choice.

Next time I plan to use another brand of makeup remover. Its sold at Watson's. And I read a lot of recommendation about it from bloggers and Popteen models. Gonna try it out. Erm... I'm not sure of the brand's name 'tho. Hehe~

Another thing that I've got is this Eye Primer+ Eye Brightener thingy from Etude House. To be honest, the eye shadow base that I've been using had expired. Since 2003. Hahahahahahahahah~ So I SERIOUSLY needed a new one. So I bought this.

The design of the tub is super cute but I forgot to take a pic of it. Hmmm~ Maybe next time k? Anyways, the tub comes with two things which is the primer and the brightener. I have no idea what is the brightener for. Anybody could tell me? I mean its for brightening your eyes. But how? Sorry I forgot to ask the sales assistant coz there were too many customers there. =p

After that we headed to Watson's coz I wanna recommend mascaras to Ann. But ended up buying stuff for myself. =p
Bought a pencil liner from Majolica. Coz I heard they are very long lasting and also because my pencil eyeliner is finishing...

See how short it is now...damn difficult to hold in my hands to apply it. And also very difficult to sharpen it when its blunt.

Also got this from Majolica...and this is Honey Pump Lip Essence. Its a lip gloss as you can see. New from their Chapter 24 Fairy Sadistic range. Check out the rest of the new stuff from Chapter 24 on their website. *here*


My BB Curve...

So nice right? But I haven't name it yet. Any ideas? I've thought of Kimbo for no reason. Haha~ Coz its quite bulky and so black la actually. Like so manly. So I gave a manly name. LOL.

Wanna go get a pink rubber casing for it. So it'll look more feminine. And maybe get some skins. =)
MSN-ing on BB...awesome!!!

I can even msn from the toilet while...haha~ you know la kan? Haha~

Just learned how to install themes into the phone and look at this awesome one I installed.
#25- 031109 Its a Disney Halloween theme.

So damn cute can? And easier to navigate around if compared with the original theme. The original one was so confusing. @_@

My favourite part of the theme is of course the keypad lock screensaver. Its STITCH and SCRUMP!!! So darn cute!!!


#26- 041109 Dinner/Supper at Joseph's house again.

I should stop stopping by his house so often. His dad is making the wrong assumptions lately. If anyone is reading this from the Ng Family, no I'm not dating Joseph. I HAVE a bf, remember?

#27- 051109 Bought Loller at Jusco and its my dinner for that day coz I had no time to eat dinner before going to work. T^T Super hungry can?

#28- 061109 Breakfast: Fresh Milk and Cheese Omelette =)

Look at the cheese and tell me its not fattening. Wahahahahahhahahaha~ I should really cut down on the cheese. Getting fatter and fatter. Not so much at the upper part of my body but the lower part. And its effing ugly can?

But cheese is just too good to resist la... Tell me who could resist?


That's all the re-cap. But I have more to crap =) OMG that rhymes. Haha~

Starting from November, I'll be very busy. A new schedule will be posted up soon when its all settled. Most of the new task added are not new students I'll be teaching, eventhough there are new students, its mostly practice for the upcoming Christmas Eve celebration's programmes. I'll be acting in a skit and also dancing for two dances. And the practices are divided into three days. So my nights are not only filled with work but also acting and dancing. Oh! There's also this instrumental thing that had not been confirmed. Shit!!! That's like four nights of practicing d la. T^T Busy but I like it. I always love preparing for Christmas coz its so much fun.

Anyways, people, if I couldn't hang out for this month, I'm really sorry. I'll be free after 25th Dec =).

Other than that, I've been planning to stop teaching at Jasin. Coz going to Jasin is really tiring coz its damn far. But I don't know if I can find another place to teach which could add up to the amount of pay that I'm getting from Jasin. I hope my boss, Penny from Piano House could give me that amount if I work there on Saturdays. But I have no idea how to voice it out to her. But that of course depended on the amount of students she could get for me la.

Sigh~ so many to say summore but I had to hurry to go to DP to catch a movie with Deeps and Ann. Maybe in the next post I'll do a wordy post la. A lot to rant about.

K la...

Till next post.



Ee Von said...

i think i know which makeup remover you're talking about, it's the clear bottle with pump one right? sasa has it too but it's always sold out! i love that stuff. inexpensive for the amount and super good! best part is it's oil free. not sure about the eye makeup remover though.

mj's jeweling pencil is great stuff, i tested it once on the back of my hand. it didn't budge after like dunno how many hours. i dun even know how many surfaces i rubbed on. but it's so expensive for the size :(

i think the brightener is to be applied under your eyes especially if you have dark circles. cos usually even if you've applied concealer already there will still be shadows on that area so the brightener will reflect light and make it seem like you don't have dark circles, and make your eyes look brighter. if that thing is shimmery, i think you can even use it as a highlighter for inner corner of eyes, browbone, cheekbones etc etc.

the blackberry looks good! i'm so tempted to get one but both my phones are working ok so i don't have a reason to get it :(

prinz @ prinsezz said...

Wah panjang-nye ur comment...haha~

I think I saw the name for the makeup remover at Sasa. Its mandom. Weird name right? And sasa sells cheaper than watson's. Definitely gonna get it next time when mine finish!!!

I heard the mj's liquid liner is very good as well. Something like even if you cry buckets, the thing won't run. But I can't get it coz its always out of stock. Not only in melaka but like everywhere. I think the whole MJ cosmetics range is too expensive.

Owh~ now I know what is brightener. Thanks =)

Aiyo~ if its still working no need to get la... pray tht one goes gila la. Haha~


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