Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sinren's 23rd birthday celebration

On last Saturday Sinren came back and we went to celebrate his birthday, which passed. It was on the 4th.

Remember this dress? I bought it for John/Han's wedding but couldn't wear it coz its too short and inconvenient to wear coz I'm performing (excuses by Mrs. Pang, the mother) *rolls eyes* Finally got a chance to wear it on Sinren's birthday celebration. Didn't wore it like this actually. I pair it with a pair of leggings and a cardigan.

Please excuse my messy guest room and my bra *shy*. Too lazy to photoshop them background. Hehe~

Wrote him a card and drew that on it. I suck at drawing guys. Haha~ I made him looked so much smaller than me (in size). So the weird and he looked too much like a girl. Hahahahahahahhahaha~

So we went to Sakura House at Desa Duyong for dinner. I told him about this place like for ages but had not been there. I used to stay there and go there for lunch. Now that I moved to Ozana, Sakura House became so famous suddenly. Do you know that you need to book your seat or else you won't get one?
The only thing terrible about that place is the service. Mr. Owner of Sakura House or whoever from there, get more professionals. Your waitresses are going to piss off all your customers.

But I would still go there...coz the food is nice. Boo to Sushi King!!!

First to come was the Salmon sushi...

Oh you also had to order your food before hand if you want to get your food fast. Especially those dishes which are difficult to cook like bento and rice stuff. You could get a menu from the restaurant and take it back if you want to.

I ordered my food at around 7pm and when I reached at 8pm my food was already all ready for me. *thumbs up*

If you want to know where this place is please comment or ask me personally. =)

The salmon was very fresh. Almost as good as Sushi Zanmai's one. ALMOST only ok? Nobody can fight Sushi Zanmai's salmon and toro. And the rice was really nice. Sweet and very "padat". Unlike some which just tasted like normal rice. Yuck~

Excuse my weird looking "makan" face. Haha~

Sinren ordered this Unagi Rice which was my favourite dish to order when I go there.

He liked it!!! And he said its super fresh and didn't have any fishy smell to eat. Usually unagi have a very strong fish smell. But this one was just right. =)

My breaded pork chop rice

The pork chop was not juicy enough for my liking. I like pork chop which are crunchy on the skin and juicy on the inside. The moment you bite down on it you'll feel like heaven is in your mouth. Haha~ And the egg with garlic is a big no no for me. So I didn't really like it. Should have ordered the unagi rice la...

Rest of the food...
Inari sushi...we like!!!

Unagi Hand Roll...super awesome. I love the nori sheet. Don't know why it tasted damn good. Sinren asked me to ask the boss to give me few nori sheets to eat since its so nice. Haha~

My favourite... ebi maki...I thought it was just a normal ebi maki. Like steamed prawn or something. But it was actually fried prawn. Tasted so awesome.

I loved the ebi maki so much I ordered fried ebi. Just as awesome. But I had too much that I nearly dreamt about fried ebi at night. Haha~

After dinner we went to Jusco to get his birthday present. I didn't get it beforehand coz he said he wants to get it himself. But we didn't get anything coz Jusco had nothing that he wanted. So he's just going to get it from KL and later claim the money from me. Haha~

So we decided to go to the Graha Makmur park to take photos using my new tripod that I bought from Jusco. But there was no parking so we went to Bukit Beruang to yam cha.

It was a crazy photo session coz we were already full so no point eating. So we ordered some drinks and started camwhoring together...

Used the tripod to take this pic but agak wrongly and went senget. Hehe~

What's wrong with his face? Hahahahahahahaha~

I like this photo a lot but its kinda blur and my hair is messy...

#29- 071109 Love love love

I don't know why he can't smile properly in pictures lor. And it pisses me off. I like pics of him in candid moments. At least he doesn't look so damn weird.

Look at these... haha~ At least he looked so natural right? Hahahahahahahhaha~

Went back after yamcha-ing coz mama called me to get back d. =(

The tripod that I got. All my friends got free tripod when they get their cameras. How come I didn't get arh?

When I told my mom that I've got a tripod she was like: "So professional for what?" Then when she saw the size of it, she was like: "better don't buy. So small got use meh?" Hahahahahahaha~

Got ok? Buy so big for what? Not that I'm using a DSLR or what kan?

So damn awesome. Now I can take photos without worrying if I had a cameraman beside me or if I had shaky hands. Yay!!!!


#30- 081109 My nicely organized makeup counter. =)

Will show you guys this corner one day. Its not complete yet. Coz I still need a big mirror and some other stuff.

Please excuse the rest of the mess. Hehe~

Well, I did not do a wordy post as I said I would. Sigh~ am really busy now. And being sick is not helping at all.

Stupid cough kept from sleeping well. Kept waking up in the middle of the night. For like a thousand times. Sigh~

I guess I should start listening to my bf and Sim to get some supplements or vitamins. It was one of my resolution to take good care of my health right? But I guess its not working. Sigh~

K la... Gotta go cook lunch.


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