Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas shopping 2009

Update on Project 365...
#66- 141209 Celebrated my birthday with The Gang =)

#67- 151209 I want this book!!!! Hopefully the movie will be showing in Malaysia...coz its freaking Channing Tatum!!!

#68- 161209 Got my music schools' 2010 calendar...planning holiday time. Wakaakakkakakaa~

Ok so every year I shop for clothes massively during Christmas...coz Christmas is a huge thing for me. Even a little more important than CNY. Last year I did my shopping in Melaka *here*. This year planned to shop in KL but plan failed...so still did in Melaka. And quite unexpected that I found lots of nice stuff this year.

This is just like the second part after the other day...so more clothes trying photos for today...

Went shopping in a few different stores from the last time...oh and I made a mistake in the previous shopping post (linked above) the shop's name is Hora...not Hoka...hahahahahahaha~

Anyways, clothes tried are from Nichii, Ming Concept and Brands Outlet.

I kinda like this dress from Brands Outlet but its a bit too pricey. I can get better clothes (as in quality) with this type of price d. But its really nice lor...

Anyways I bought this pair of black pants...yayness!!!!

I've always wanted a casual black pants but can't find any that could fit me nicely. This pants is the shit I tell you. I love it like hell.

I also bought a red tee for the dance and a maxi dress. Both I've forgotten to take a pic of. Will show you guys when I'm wearing it la k?

I think I'm going casual for the Christmas eve celebration coz I have to do so many performances. No time to be all dressy and stuff. MAybe I'll just wear some top over my new black pants la. See how la... will dress casual but makeup of course must be fabulous la. And my hair...T_T When can I go style it????

BTWs, gonna have new nail design tomorrow...yayness~~~will show you guys soon.

I love Christmas!!!!!

#69- 181209 (OMG!!! I just realized that I skipped Thursday!!!) Went for this balloon shaping course at my church.... =_= Useless skill...maybe I could use it in my piano teaching. Impressing my students wtf. Haha~

Well, that's all for the Christmas shopping. Quite short la this year coz was busy with work and stuff...

Christmas celebrations had already started since Saturday (19/12) and I'll be posting all the pics up as soon as possible. So please visit often. =)

Gotta go. See you guys...


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