Friday, December 11, 2009

The day that I got super tipsy...

BTW before I start... today's my birthday. So happy birthday to me. Yay!!! HAha~

So yeap I got super tipsy on this event coz I drank a lil too much. Not drunk but just extremely high. Haha~

Its Siew Han's birthday on 30th so a week he sent us an invitation with these rules:
Haha~ funny. Invitation with rules.

Then he changed the venue and sent another funny sms.
Thrown into the river coz the restaurant we're going was beside the river. And "tanjuberrymud"... Super funny.

So I went to get him a present even though he said I don't have to. But the place he asked to go to was really like quite high class. Quite nie la. Its like some fine dining place. So must get.
Its a hair and body wash for men. Lovely smell.

No points for guessing where its bought from.

I also did a card for him coz I needed to find my artistic self back. And the process was fun too. Gonna do more cards from this day on.

So we went over to Harper's at Jonker Street and had the dinner. But before the dinner starts, we asked the birthday boy to open his presents first.

Gembiranye kawan kite nie (translation: Our friend was so happy).

This card was given by all of us and was did by Deepa.

It has all our lipstick marks on it and the one you see the biggest in the left corner is Ann's big mouth. Hahahhaahhahahahaha~ Inside story that no one will find it funny except for us.

Siew Han thought it was Sinren's. HAhahahaha~

Then the drinks came or should I say the happy juice came...
Long Island...which did nothing to me...

Wine and champagne...don't know which is which but both add up made a very tipsy prinsezz...

Toasting to the birthday boy and also to our friendship

Siew Han gave a very touching speech but I didn't record it. Maybe I was already drunk by then. Hahaha~

Food time...
Sauteed mushroom...which was okok nie la... I can make better... =p

The bread to eat the mushrooms with

My combo 1 with bunch of food which I don't remember very well now. Haha~

Li's Spag Bolognese which had beef and she thought was chicken. Never mind la... she didn't know la kan. She only found out about it when the waitress came to take the plate. (She can't eat beef because of religious factor)

NAna's Seabass something. She herself couldn't recall what she ordered coz the food's name was all too long.

The lobsters that Siew Han ordered as side dish or something. I think I started to go tipsy d so I don't remember what it's called.

The aftermath of the lobsters.

I don't remember the taste of the lobsters at all. Neither do I remember whether I ate it or not. HAha~

The desserts which I had very blur memory of. I think I finished the creme brulee coz they think its not nice. And if I remembered correctly, it was not as nice as the one I had at godma's wedding.

I think because I was tipsy, I failed to camwhore. Pictures came out mostly blur. =_=

Started camwhoring with Ann coz we sat side by side. Thank God it was not blur coz I used the tripod =p

Ann seriously looked like a piranha here. Hahahahaahhaa~

From her camera =)

With Li =)

With you can see I'm very tipsy already with all the crazy pose. But kinda think of it, I have crazy poses all the time.

I was very dizzy and had to rest my head most of the time. And was getting more and more sleepy.

I was setting up the camera and accidentally pressed the wrong button and took this. Haha~

Siew Han and Buvy were so ever ready for the photo huh? HAhahahahahaahaah~

Love this...

Kissy Peili

HAhahahahahahahhahahahahaha~ Totally gone...

More pictures with Ann~~~~

Don't know why I couldn't stop laughing at that time.

Ann tertidur (slept off)

OMG I looked so damn cute here but I squished Buvy. Wakakaka~

I found my good and bad angle that night. Now I know which side I must insist on when taking pictures. More on this later.

With Nana

With the birthday boy... but there's only like half of me =(

This one ok la...but I had the ugly gummy smile. =(

Still fail =(((((

From Ann's camera. So much better.

There's another nice one in Na's camera. Will get it from her soon.

Getting better after awhile but still very dizzy. So I couldn't drive myself back home. Thanks to Buvy and Siew Han who escorted me back. =) Thanks babes...

She (yes, its a "she") bugged me to take a profile for her. I'm already drunk still have to layan her.

Nana hated liquor. Haha~

The view from where we were seated. If only I had a DSLR, it'll look so damn good.

But this is good enough la kan?

More photos with Ann...please don't get bored...more photos of us than the birthday boy. Haha~

After that I return home in one whole piece coz they "escorted" me back.

Before sleeping, started to camwhore coz I felt I looked pretty that day. Hahaha~ Since when did I not feel that?

Ok now so I've found my good angle for pictures. And its actually my right side. Coz I think I looked so much better in photos with that side....examples:

Not say very pretty la... Haha~~~ Now compare with the left side:

Right???? Right??? Right????

Anyways so if I ask to take pictures, please don't take my side k??? It will always be me on the right. =p

So next day, after all the tipsy-ness ended came the good part...
Say hello to them rashes =) And they lasted two days. New record. Hahahahahahhahaha~

Anyways, love the dinner and the whole celebration. Thanks to Simmy again.

Monday's gonna be my turn to celebrate my birthday with the gang. But its gonna be a simple one la... coz I'm so on budget.

K la...

See you guys next post.


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