Friday, December 25, 2009

Tiring-ness is over

Well, all is done today but I'm very very very tired right now.

I felt asleep on the sofa after dinner and just woke up right now (2130). Gonna post this up and go back to sleep.

Today is not much interesting la actually coz I haven't collect all the Christmas photos from everyone coz I didn't take much coz I was really busy. Will post it up when I get it all.

Today is just to update on my Project 365...

#72- 211209 Went for a meeting at church...super ganjeong coz it was my first official YF meeting

I had not talk about this but I've been elected as next year's Youth Fellowship's chairlady. Nothing much to talk about it la... Just hope I could do my best to help out as the chairlady.

#73- 221209 Painted my nails plum colour...nice?

Then decided to add some nail art to it.

Used my nail art brush to draw some flowers. I think its hibiscus la...simply draw one. It looked quite nice lor in real life. The bad megapixel of my BB's camera did no justice to the awesomeness.

Also did my toes.

Deepa said it looked like Christmas tree's baubles. Haha~

Ok so I had this hairstyle since forever. I can't even remember the last time I had it restyled. It looks the bloody same.

So I decided to get it professionally done at a high end saloon. After checking out a few, I decided to do go to Backstage at MP...I told him (the hairstylist) about how I wanted my hair to look like and let him do his thing...

#74- 231209 Getting my hair done at Backstage

Nice decorated christmassy.

So basically he straighten my fringe and the sides of my hair and then snip it up a bit. He told me that its going to be one hour. But it turned out to be three gruesome hours. And I was nearly late for the Christmas celebration's rehearsal.

The biggest disappointment was my hairstyle still looked the same from the last time. Just that the bangs are cuter. =(

Spent RM150 on it and it still looked the same with my old hairstyle which I only pay for like RM50. T_T Super sigh~~~~~

Sinren asked me to get it cut probably will go get it done soon. I love him for sponsoring it ^^.

Well, will be posting on christmas soon k?

So wait for it ;D


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